January 15, 2012

12 of 365 - Heated Lash Curler

As I mentioned earlier, I have an issue with pinching when I use a regular lash curler. My lashes are not particularly straight, but they can use a little lift & curl and it seems like a regular curler doesn't quite cut it. So I decided to try Sephora's Heated Lash Curler.

This is to be used after mascara. Which really just makes sense as it kinda melts (softens) your mascara and once it dries, it'll harden to the shape you're attempting to achieve. I like keeping it a little longer at the tip of my lashes and gently pushing them back/up to help make the curl (like stated on the packaging).

you can see where it heats up and that it's somewhat
safe (unless you poke your eye with it)

Using my iTouch timer, it takes about 2 minutes for it to get to max heat (which does not feel very hot, however you can feel the heat as you're bringing it through/over your lashes). Unfortunately, there is no indicator to let you know when you've reached max heat. I figure it's probably best to turn it on while applying your mascara so that it'll be ready for you when you're done your mascara.

Here are some before & after pictures of both my left and right eye. I used Tarte's mascara in Lights, Camera, Lashes! (click for larger pictures)

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