October 12, 2017

Tarte Holiday: Buried Treasure

We all hoped to find some buried treasure when we were kids. But now you can have your own buried treasure thanks to Tarte's 2017 Holiday collection, including their Buried Treasure eyeshadow palette.

This palette is made with their new Rainforest of the Sea formula. I've never tried it before this palette, but it's super smooth and velvety. It contains algae and marine flower extract that are apparently supposed to help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles all while smoothing and softening skin. It also contains coconut and vitamin E. So while I can't really say much in regards to its affects on fine lines and wrinkles, it definitely is smooth and buttery and blends very nicely.

The packaging is gold and reflective and has a gorgeous moroccan pattern. Even though the Buried Treasure palette is smaller than I was expecting, it contains a total of 10.5g  of product, which is about 2/3 of the UD Naked palette (and the cost). You have 3 x 0.5g, 3 x 1g, 2 x 1.5g, 1 x 2g and 1 x 2.5g. The palette is warm toned neutrals with some darker plum and burgundy. Each shadow has a wave like pattern to it, similar to water waves.

Three of the shadows are matte, while the rest are micro-shimmer. There is fall-out upon application, but none throughout the day. The lighter colours work really well for soft, neutral looks or as a base. I do wish that Coconut, the highlighter type shade, would be a bit larger.

L to R, Skipper, Snorkel, Booty, Coconut, Plank

L to R: Dive, Fin, Nauti, Coin, Palm

Overall, the colours are gorgeous, the formula is great, the placement is fun and creative and the price point of $47 CAD isn't all that bad.


  1. Oh my god.. these photos you got of this pallete are gorgeous! I was looking at getting this one but didn't know if they would be creamy or flaky! NEE! xo -Lauren Will from Lauren's Lip Glossary

  2. Thanks! They definitely are not flaky at all! Did this manage to go into your Sephora care as well?