February 27, 2013

The Breakup: A tale of Topbox & I

Having recently dropped Topbox, I was feeling a little sad. I had absolutely loved them at the beginning of our relationship. Topbox was also my very first beauty box. It was love at first sight. We shared car rides, lovely dinners and even long nights just staring at each other.

Then like many relationships, Topbox had seemed to stop caring about itself. The effort to grab my attention wasn't there anymore. I still got anxious when I received their email, but disappointed when they'd show up! So I had to call it off. It wasn't easy.

Shortly after the breakup, Topbox started going around, talking about Prive box! There it went, losing someone that it loved so dearly, that it was trying to win me back. It was hard, but I stayed strong.

Then a friend told me that Topbox had paired up with American Express for a special box. It had double the products for about the same price! Looked like Topbox was really trying to get me. The result was like a one-night-stand complete with the walk of shame. Never again.

The Amex Topbox was about $15 (I'm rounding up because I don't remember the exact price). It offered 8 samples as opposed to the regular 4.

Now having worked with American Express, I know they hold their standards pretty high and I expected it to follow suite with this promotion. We were told that they would have some products featured from the January & February boxes, which was fine by me. What I got, well, not so content with it.

Of the 8 products received (the Aveda is considered 1 product), I have received 6 duplicates. Talk about pulling the same boring moves in bed! No new tricks. It was like they wanted to get rid of overstock. I should have known better.

Pure + Simple, mark. lipgloss, Robert Cavali, Benefit They're Real,  Butter lotion and the brow brush I have received them all. The gloss is the exact colour - Frilly Frou Frou. The only difference is the Butter lotion smells different. Which I don't care.

Aveda Shampoo + Conditioner is small, single use for just about any lady who has hair on their head. The Clinique Wrinkle & UV Damage corrector is just not for me.

So I do have to say, Thank You Topbox. You have introduced me to some great friends (as well as some that I never want to meet again), however I think we're in different stages of our lives and you're just not cutting it. You have just made our break up that much easier for me.



  1. OMG! we were seeing the same box at the same time?! that two timer! jk XD I'm sharing very similar sentiments. March may be my last... Lovely post~

    1. hahaha! Your comment literally made me LOL!

    2. LOL at this post as well as this comment!! :DDD

  2. Lmao and rofl. The way you worded that cracked me up. Am so inspired by your strength though. I've only fallen victim to sampling programmes and I'm already worrying they'll send out awesome stuff if I unsubscribe. I'm going to take a leaf out of your book and stay away if I get an average box xx
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  3. I've been intrigued by all the various box schemes but have only joined one (Meowbox, for 3 months). I have a large plastic Rubbermaid bin full of samples, hotel toiletries and stuff I've won that I've never used. Doesn't stop me from buying more, of course :0 But I haven't seen a beauty box yet that I'm really tempted by.