October 15, 2017

Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara Review

I love mascara, so it's no surprise that I jumped on the opportunity to try the new Lancôme mascara, Monsieur Big, courtesy of ChickAdvisor.

The Monsieur Big mascara by Lancôme promises to deliver extra volume; 12 times more volume to be exact. They also promise to deliver up to 24 hours of wear without needing any touch-ups, or leaving any flakes or smudges behind.

The packaging is nice and simple, no curves or rubberized materials.Some might say that it's boring, but don't judge a book by its cover. It's what's inside that counts! The brush is made of fiber and coats lashes in a more even manner than the newer silicone brushes (which I tend to dislike).

I don't know what it is, but it seems like every mascara I've tried needs to be open for a day or two in order for it to thicken up and really work its magic. However, Monsieur Big works pretty good on the very first try and keeps up its performance throughout the life of the tube.

This mascara knows what I want and delivers it. One coat and I've got some gorgeous voluminous lashes going on. A second coat starts to make my lashes clump together, which is no bueno. Take a lash comb to separate and they look great again! But with this mascara, no second coat is needed.

Monsieur Big doesn't leave lashes dry or flaky, and has not smudged at all. Removal is pretty standard, just use your everyday makeup remover (mine happens to also remove waterproof makeup, so I can't say if it would be difficult with a regular remover).

While I don't encourage anyone to sleep with their makeup on, I decided to put the 24 hours wear to the test. It held up very nicely! I tried to not rub my eyes overnight, but I know I did it at least once. In the morning, 24 hours later, lashes were still looking quite good. Just a little smudge and flaking, but much better than the raccoon eyes you might have experienced in the past. 

Even at $31, this mascara is well worth it. I absolutely love the look of my lashes with Monsieur Big. Like Lancôme says, Forget the others!

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