October 08, 2017

Bite Amuse Bouch Liquified Lipstick

Bite Beauty is known for their amazing lip products and it seems to never end (no complaining here!) They've recently added to their expanding line by giving us the Amuse Bouche Liquified Liquid Lipstick.
That's right. They've liquified their creamy Amuse Bouche lipsticks and made something amazing. Due to this transformation, they decided to name each shade after cooking techniques. Names like caramelized, infuse and whip are just a few of the appetizing names.

The Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipsticks are lightweight, yet super pigmented. The formula is creamy and lasting, however not transfer proof at all. So if you're going on a night on the town, make sure to have your lipstick with you for touch ups.

Instead of being in a round tube, these liquid lipsticks are in a square grey, slightly rubberized tube (much like their lipstick counterparts), with a clear bottom that makes it easy to see which colour you're looking for. The applicator is angled, which makes application simple. You can use the more pointed end for going around the edges and the flat part for filling everything in.

The Amuse Bouche Liquified Liquid Lipstick contains monoi butter and coconut oil, which explains why it's so moisturizing on the lips. Of course, you can't expect your lips to come out better than when you first applied the lipstick, but know that your lips wont dry and flake while wearing this lipstick (at least for me it didn't).

The three colours that I received were Éclair, Flambé and Demi-Glaze. Éclair was by far my favourite colour. It's a soft rose colour that suited me quite well.

Demi-Glaze is described as a chocolate mauve and didn't look bad, I'm just not used to seeing myself wearing such a dark colour.

Flambé, a vivid poppy, leaned a little too orange for my taste.

I'd really like to try Infused and Chutney. I think those colours would look good. Keep an eye out for Bite's holiday sets. One of them includes Flambé and Demi-Glaze.


  1. Where have these been me entire life? These are stunning!! I love the darker shade Demi-Glaze actually. Love how pigmented these are..in the Sephora cart they go lol - Xo Lauren Will from Laurens Lip Glossary

    1. Demi-Glaze really is a nice colour, I'm just not used to wearing something so dark.