December 26, 2012

November GlossyBox

I'm sorry for the delay on posts! I had a few posts ready, just needed to add the pictures but being away for the holidays complicated things. The laptop didn't want to log into ANYTHING! Blogger, Facebook, Hotmail, nothing! So I had to wait until today to post them.  I'm sorry!  (Be sure to scroll to the bottom for "behind the scenes" pictures) 

I'll be honest, I've been contemplating GlossyBox for a while now. Lucky for me, upon leaving the GlossyBox Toronto Party, I was given a box! I got to experience the box, and I was happy that I did.

Upon opening the box, I discovered their Glossy Mag. I believe this was the first edition of this mini-magazine. It offers some tips, trends, and a mini-interview with a blogger.
Then once I opened up the lovely pink box, I noticed the cute white and red holiday wrapper and ribbon. Very nice touch for this time of year (and my cat appreciated the ribbon, hehe)

In it were the following items.

Kryolan for GlossyBox in Rosewood - $16.73
 I'm most excited about the blush. It's a gorgeous light pink, perfect for winter! Well pigmented and soft. Applies great!

Curel Hand & Cuticle Cream - $3.99
 I have so many hand creams, but I don't think any of them mention anything about cuticles. We'll see if this makes a difference.

Clear Scap & Hair Therapy - approx $1.49
 The product I'm probably least excited about. Better than those little packet samples. I guess it'll be good whenever I spend the night somewhere.

Vitabath Hand Cream - $5
 I got to try this at the party and loved it! It's even better that I got my favorite scent, Fresh, which I already have :)

Maybelline MNY My Gloss - $7.49
 The MNY line is currently only available in France, Germany, Norway and Sweden, so it's pretty cool that we got this. The colour is nice and it smells like a berry of some sort. A quick test showed that it wasn't sticky and that it was slightly moisturizing.Visit MNY

Nicole by OPI - Keeping up with Santa - $10.99
 I wasn't too sure about this colour at first (it just looks like other red I own), but once I tried it, I love it!
Uber Loyalty Card
50% off hair, face and body products. They don't have many options to choose from. Not sure if I'll be using this anytime soon.

I got two hand creams, which I could understand why some people would be disappointed/angry about it, but I'll be honest, the Vitabath hand cream in Fresh is awesome!  I got to try it at the party and fell in love with the scent. They didn't have many of the fresh so me & my friend each grabbed one.  Apparently they only had like 5-10 and everyone wanted it!

The total estimated value is: $45.69 + $20 (the value of the Uber Card) = $65.69

So overall, I'm quite please with this box. I decided to purchase the December box to give it a try. I've been disappointed with Topbox lately, so this may replace it... we'll see.

And now, a few pictures of the complications that can happen while trying to take product pictures....

Hmm.. Odd looking shadow

Someone was being a big suck and wanted to be the center of attention

What do you think of November's box? Would you sub to Glossybox?


December 14, 2012

Revlon Selects - Nails

So I'm finally feeling well enough to attempt a review post. I've unfortunatly come down with a cold and laryngitis to go along with that cold, so all I'll be doing for now are nails.

Several weeks ago Revlon Canada offered the chance to Canadians to take part in their Revlon Selects program. They would send out a package of new products in hopes to get people's opinions/reviews about them. All you had to do was fill out a form on their Facebook page and hope for the best. I was chosen as 1 of 500 lucky ladies across Canada to receive a package.

While this package contained 5 items, I'll be review 3 of the items in this post as it doesn't require picture of my pale, stuffy-nosed, glossy-eyed face (hate colds..)

First up is the Revlon Diamond Collection File "One side shapes the nail and the other side sparkles for salon-quality results at home"

The side that shapes works well, just like your average nail file. The side that sparkles, well, I'm still trying to figure out what it's supposed to do. I've tried using it on the edge of my nail and on the top of my nail and noticed nothing different. It's like they dipped in it glue then dipped it in glitter. The glitter stays on very very well (haven't seen one fall off yet) so they may have put a coating on top of it. But if that coating's supposed to do something, it's not. It is very girly and pretty to look at. Might be good for a young girl who likes sparkles and is kinda into doing her nails. For the serious nail buff (pun intended), this isn't for them. 

Second up is the Revlon Nail Art Expressionist "Create detail with a skinny nail art brush"

Received the colour 360 -Vincent Van Gold. At first, I loved the purple and gold combination (reminds me of Mardi Gras).

The purple is somewhat sheer and requires at least 2 coats. It has a standard brush. As it dried, I realized that I didn't care much for that colour on my nails. Oh well. Live & Learn.

The gold side has a very long, thin brush - reminds me a little of a brush that pinstripers would use. Luckily, only one coat is really required.  Both colours dried fairly quickly.

So while the colour combination isn't bad, and the two-in-one concept is great, trying to create nail art isn't easy. While I lack some creativity, I tried to create something easy. This was successful while using my dominant hand to paint. Not so much with the other. (you can see the successful nail below)

Worn for about 2.5 days, no base or topcoat. I think the only reason why my one nail chipped was because I had actually caught my nail on something and my actual nail ended up ripping a bit. The quality of the polish is there, however due to probably only really being able to use the colour with the full brush, I probably would not buy. (for the record, I don't have time to paint cute pictures on toes)

Next is the Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy " Add eye-catching 3D effects for nails that are out of this world"

Received the colour 280 - Orbit. I was super excited to try this colour as I have a flakie polish that's more orange/gold and been wanting to try something different. When I seen the flat purple in the bottle, I was a little less excited. Not gonna lie, I actually thought it was a very ugly colour.

The purple only required 1 coat and was actually gorgeous! A nice flat dark purple that has the slightest blue undertones to it. This dried quickly as well.
One coat of the dark purple in Orbit, 2 coats of the lighter purple in Vincent Van Gold
Once I was confident it was fully dry, I applied the clear coat flakies. While I agree with others that it is a bit of a pain as you don't always get the flakes evenly ( or sometimes only 1 on an entire nail!), I've learned that part of the trick is to use the side of the brush that has the most amount of flakes. And 2 coats are needed. Remember, you don't want your ENTIRE nail to be flaked. The flakies have a beautiful blue/purple/teal colour to them and almost seem to glow in dim light. Super in love with this colour!

While it's not smooth, apply a thick topcoat (or maybe 2 layers), and you should be good.  As I wanted to test the product on it's own, I didn't use a base or topcoat. I was able to get about 2.5 days wear out of them. Then while running a quick errand, I somehow managed a nice big chip!
Hard to capture the beautiful effect of the flakies
2.5 days later (barely any keyboarding during this time)

This one I'd buy and I'm looking forward for the Moon Candy line to come out in 2013 (Revlon has said on their Facebook page that it's a permanent line!) Here are all 10 Moon Candy colours.
photo: revlon.com

photo: revlon.com

I'm most excited for Satellite and Supernova.. and maybe even Eclipse and Universe... Ah! I'll be honest.. I may need to have them all!  Which one are you looking forward to?

I am however, curious about storage. Once they're down to halfway, what happens to the brush that's on top?



*these products were sent to me for review. Opinions are honest and my own.

December 13, 2012

TRESemme does it right

I just wanted to mention a quick something about hair product companies.

Ever notice that they'll make a claim like "after 3 uses, your hair will be visibly smoother" (or something like that,), but they'll only send you a sample enough for 1 use?  It's so annoying!

Well, TREsemmé got it right.
"This light, moisturizing formula gently cleanses and strengthens to keep hair healthy looking and manageable. When used regularly with Split Remedy conditioner, it reduces split ends by up to 80% in just three uses.* Hair is left looking soft, smooth and salon-fresh longer.  *with continued use of shampoo and conditioner or other products in the Split Remedy line"

They sent samples that contained 3 of each, shampoo and conditioner!

Thank you TRESemmé for doing it right!


December 11, 2012

November's 5 Lip Products

I didn't have any inspiration or anything for picking November's products. I was getting down to the last dozen (or so) and noticed that I had lots of red so I figured that I'd better have a few reds to play with before I'm left with only red!

MUFE Lab Shine in D14, Sephora Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil in Fancy Red, Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Rosé, Gosh Lip Gloss in 0073 and Kat Von D Foiled Love Liquid Lipstick in Forever & Never

MUFE Lab Shine in D14

- Very Sheer, yet a gorgeous pink with slight sparkles
- Adds just a touch of colour and sparkle - just the perfect amount in my opinion
- Easy to apply
Price: $21

Verdict: I reached for this one the most. Of all the MUFE's that I've used so far, I think I would possibly re-purchase this one. Bought at IMATS, so it was a little less than $21.

Sephora Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil in Fancy Red

- Blue based red with some red shimmer
- Applies smoothly and evenly
- Well pigmented - don't have to cake it on
- Easy to use and not messy like some glosses, however still has a glossy look to it
- Decently long wearing
Price: $8

Verdict: I love this red, it's not too bold and it doesn't stain my lips. I seen it in the clearance bin about a month ago, so I think I might be disappointed if it is discontinued.

L to R: D14, Fancy Red, Rosé, 0073.  Bottom: Forever & Never

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Rosé

- Extremely sheer - almost no colour at all
- Light lemon smell to it
- It's only mildly moisturizing
Price: $26

Verdict: There is no way I would purchase this, especially at this price. Luckily this was a mini version that I got for free. For what it does, I'd rather get a Blistex or Nivea moisturizing lip balm for a fraction of the price.

Gosh Lip Gloss in 0073

- Nice sheer red colour with a decent amount of shimmer - perfect for just a touch of colour & shimmer
- Easy doe foot applicator
- Not runny and not sticky
- No smell
- Lasted a decent amount of time
Price:Unsure. Maybe around $10

Verdict: I would probably buy again. It was perfect for a bit of red without being in-your-face.

Kat Von D Foiled Love Liquid Lipstick in Forever & Never

- The formula tends to separate after a period of time and must be shaken before use
- A little easier to work with compared to it's siblings (Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick)
- Love the shimmer in this, specially compared to the matte versions
- Still very, very drying
- The colour looks great in the bottle, but on my lips, looks almost orange - not all that pretty
Price: $23

Verdict: Would no re-purchase. Actually kinda regret buying this one.

Have you tried any lip glosses/lipsticks that you would absolutely buy again? What about those that you regret?



December 08, 2012

A Few Changes

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that the blog will be undergoing a few changes. As you can see, the name has changed to one that I think is easier to remember and a little more fitting. I'm hoping that any/all changes will go smoothly over the next few weeks and shouldn't be any interruption with regular posting.

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Glossy Party Toronto

GlossyBox was putting on an event that they called "Get Holiday Ready with Glossybox". It took place at the Marc Anthony Salon in Toronto and I was lucky enough to get invited by the wonderful Ashley (Romanian Butterfly) to this awesome event. Ashley's "entourage" consisted of CarlyJean, Joy, Jessica and myself (and a special appearance by her mom - she was super sweet!)

Before loading you with pictures, here's a little about the event:

- At this party, they were honouring Ashley as their first GLOSSYGold Ambassador. She has referred many people to GlossyBox and her word-of-mouth has spread far & wide. For being a GlossyGold Ambassador, she received a special box...
- They had a nail bar, beauty bar, braid/bun bar and a candy bar
- There were approximately 10 different brands with their reps that we were able to test out and talk to (including OPI, GlamGlow, Annabelle, MaskerAide, Beauty So Clean and Vitabath)
- Photo booth
- Lots of bloggers & vloggers (some I recognized, some I didn't)
- Yes, their were gift bags.... 

What is Glossy Box?
"GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription service that is revolutionizing beauty regimes across the world. For $21 a month, members enjoy a sophisticated box packes with a selection of deluxe and full-size beauty products, delivered directly to their doorstep. GlossyBox is filled with high-end and boutique brands, as well as tried-tested and true favorites. GlossyBox customizes their beauty box by inviting members to create an online beauty profile."

Now onto the pictures!

Upon walking in, you see the picture of Ashley :)
Me,  trying to look chic
Elin Bianco - Their products smell like baby powder.

Jouviance - The face of this company is Véronique Cloutier and apparently she approached the company, not the other way around (or so the woman says)
Mmmmm Candy Bar

Masker Aide - Spoke with Karyn who shared a little about a product that they're in the process of making. I wont say much other than I really hope it comes out soon!

Beauty So Clean - Didn't get a full picture of all their stuff
Annabelle - Love the colours!
Beauty Bar featuring NYX
Ashley, Joy, Me & CarlyJean  --  Joy & Me

Nail Bar! Nicole by OPI - showing off the new Selena Gomez and It's all About the Color collections

Past and Current (well, November's) Glossy Boxes

The view from upstairs - you can see Masker Aide, Beauty So Clean & the GlossyBox Photo Booth  (this was before it got packed!)
Lisa Kisber presenting Ashley with the Gold GlossyBox

Andrew Tischler, Lisa Kisbler, Ashley and Jillian Tracey Zrihen. If you want to see what's inside of Ashley's gold box, go visit her blog here

Gift bags and their guardian :)

Just the stuff I got from walking around
- Masker Aide Mask: $4.99
- Elin Bianco Treatment Serum: $60
- Vitabath Hand Cream: $5
- Vitabath lotion x2: $3.43 x2

Approximate total retail value: $76.85

With our gift bags, we each received the Holiday GlossyBox (November's box)
I wont go into details about this box as I'm planning a separate post about it, but I figured the approximate retail value to be $44.20

Contents of the Gift bag!

Everything that was in the gift bag
Contents (everything is full sized except 1 item... and I just noticed that I completely forgot to photograph a sample size item as well!) (just got back from SDM where I verified the pricing on some of the items)

- GlamGlow mud mask : $69
- Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Complex: $38
- Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask: $15
- Curel Foot Therapy: $4.50
- Jouviance First Defence Antioxidant Emulsion: $62
- Vitabath Gelée: $18
- Oil of Morocco: $10.99
- Marcelle Oil Free Makeup Remover Lotion: $13.50
- Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips: approx $11.99
- Masker Aide facial mask: $4.99
- Nicole by OPI: $10.99
- Beauty So Clean Brush Cleansers: $10 (for both)
- Skin for Life Sol Defense (sample, 10ml): approx $6.79
- Model Lip Co. :$49.99
- Annabelle Twist Up Retractable Lipstick Crayon: $10.99
- Annabelle EyeInk: $9.95
- Jergens Ultra Care: approx $1.77
- Elin Bianco Treatment mask (sample size): $ ????

Approximate Retail Value of the Gift Bag: $348.63

Everything all together (incl. GlossyBox content), with only 1 of the two samples of the Elin Bianco Treatment Mask (small pink jar in front of curel)

Total approximate retail value of everything combined: $471.17.

Since I'm on a No-Buy, this is quite awesome! I get to try lots of products, most of which I've never tried before! I'm really REALLY looking forward to trying several of these products (GlamGlow, I'm looking at you!) and you can be sure that their will be reviews about most of them.

I had a great time and would like to once again thank Ashley!  I'm looking forward to seeing the three of you again sometime soon!

PS - If you're thinking of  subscribing to GlossyBox, use coupon code GLOSSY10 to receive 10% off your very first GlossyBox!

Anything you're curious about or that you'd like me to review? Let me know!


December 02, 2012

What's Your Face Worth?

I seen this somewhere and fell in love with the idea. I'm hoping that this will be a weekly thing. I work in an office so I do try to keep my makeup a little simple, so I'll try to have a few weekend looks in there as well :)

Note: The mascara used was a sample, however if I use any samples, I'll just count the price as if I had the full thing.