May 29, 2016

Gen Beauty Toronto 2016

The other weekend I got to spend two days hanging out with some awesome people and be surrounded by beauty. From decor to makeup to people, there was some sort of beauty in every direction. That was Generation Beauty by Ipsy.

GenBeauty brings together people and brands who all share the love of beauty all under one roof. Of course, you have to pay and wait in long lines, but the swag bag at the end of it all is well worth it (total at the bottom!)

There were 3 ticket prices, ranging from $59 - $198 and if you're an IpsyOS (a beauty creator), you got your ticket for free (ps - I didn't qualify for this, so I paid for my ticket).

Once you register at the event, they give you a little "passport". This was a floorplan with little tickets all the way around. Each of those tickets can be redeemed at the corresponding booth for the item that that brand is giving away plus a little goodie bag on each of the days. Some booths gave extra little freebies if you did extra things, like follow & post something on instagram, etc.  Some you had to do something on top of handing in your ticket (like give them your email).

On top of going from booth to booth to gather your goodies and socializing with everyone in line with you, they also had some meet & greets with Youtubers like DesiPerkins and LustreLux

The booths that took the longest:

Make Up For Ever:
Wait time: 1.5hrs. Why? You go see the makeup artist (there were approx 12-16?who tells to you about the brand, colours matches you to their foundation, does a little demo (they started with doing a little festival makeup, but due to time, shortened to just drawing hearts or X's on your hand), then you have take a selfie & post & tag on instagram then you ett your goodies. What did you get? A full size eyeshadow duo, 2 of their new Aqua XL liners, their travel size Sens'Eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser, a sample of you foundation shade and a makeup bag. Totally worth it

Too Faced:

Wait time 40mins - 2hrs. Why? You go see the makeup artist (there were approx 4-5) who does a colour match to find the right shade of concealer for you. You then get a token to play a coconut game where a "coconut" falls from the tree and you get another little goodie (Day 2 they realized the game was taking too long so closed it until 1pm. It went much faster, only taking us 40mins). What did you get? A full size about-to-be-released Born This Way Concealer + either a mini Melted Chocolate lippie or mini Better Than Sex Mascara (or if you were 1 of  people to get a $100 prize pack).


Wait time: 1hr. Why? Because they were also selling items (US pricing (no conversion) and no tax) and you actually had to wait to get through the line. No express lane. What did you get? Full size Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara (and more if you decided to purchase)


Wait time: 1.5hrs. Why? Because they didn't have a good flow going. You had to either take a photo and post on Instagram or take a 15 second video in their booth, then you went into a different line to enter in your email address in a vending machine (that apparently stopped dispensing) that got you a chocolate bar and a voucher of a gift with purchase - only used during that weekend, only at the newly opened NYX store at the Eaton Center. What did you get? A full size Pro Lip Cream Palette (they also had the Rocker Chic Palette, but ran out)


Wait time: 30-45mins. Why? Because everyone had to provide their email address to get their goodie. What did you get? A highlighter brush.

Some brands like Too Faced and MUFE realized that they were taking longer and found ways to shorten it up a bit.

There were some booths *ahem* Caudalie, who didn't have anything to give away. The first day we were there, they said they had nothing (not that they ran out) and they'd have stuff the following day. They must have had maybe 25, because they still didn't have any. And OGX gave a foil packet of shampoo & conditioner. I think by the second day they were giving away multiple. Wish they would have gotten their act straight earlier. 

Overall, it was decently organized from an attendee's perspective (creators have a different thought), but I really wish there was an easier way for some booths. Like maybe give us a QR code with our email address attached to it and let them scan it or have a disclaimer when you buy the tickets that your info will be given to the brands. They also make it seem like OMG! The SWAG BAG!!!  But really, you're standing around to gather each item for your swag bag. I'm pretty sure the little organza bag that they gave each day totals roughly 1/4 of the grand total (combined!)

Allow me to be brutally honest: You spent money to spend an entire weekend waiting in long lines, chatting with various people, to get freebies (that you kind of paid for).

However, the grand total of everything I got, full size and deluxe samples, (didn't do the coconut game & missed out on the Rocker Chic palette + no extra bag since I'm not an IpsyOS):

$638.85 !!! (before taxes, after a few price conversions)

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