June 30, 2013

June Starlooks Anniversary Box

I love getting beauty boxes in the mail. Anxiously awaiting for the date to arrive and not knowing exactly what is in the package, it's like Christmas.

Starlooks has a monthly subscription box called Starbox. This features a few products from their own makeup line. The box costs $22 US ($23 and some change Canadian).

June 29, 2013

Boxx Cosmetics Giveaway

With Canada Day and Independence Day right around the corner, it's a great time to celebrate. And what better way than a giveaway?

Myself, along with a few bloggers, have teamed up with Boxx Cosmetics to offer a lucky winner their very own Cream Corrector in Melina. This is a universally flattering shade (sometimes with a little help of foundation) that'll help brighten up your face after those long nights of celebrating.

June 25, 2013

May Empties

Gasp! We're more than halfway done June and I'm only getting around to my May Empties post. I'm so sorry about this delay! (and to my washroom who had to house more empties than it should have)

June 21, 2013

Melina part 3 - Primer?

On Monday I mentioned that the cream correctors by Boxx Cosmetics can also be used as a primer - apparently even an eye primer. Since I have oily eyelids and swear by my Urban Decay Potion Primer, I had to put this to the test.

In the picture below, you'll see how it held up throughout the day. The images on the left

June 19, 2013

Boxx Cosmetics' Melina - Part Deux

Back with another post about Boxx Cosmetics' Cream Corrector in Melina. On Monday I used it as an under eye brightener, this time, I still used it as a brightener, but a little differently. Before I get started on that, let me tell you a little more about the cream correctors.

The cream correctors are available in 6 shades, including a green to help negate redness. They have a

June 17, 2013

Melina by Boxx Cosmetics

We all want more room in our makeup bag/case. While packaging can be so pretty at times, it tends to be quite bulky and takes up so much previous space. Enter Boxx Cosmetics.

They have created this makeup line knowing that women love to carry makeup with them, but also want to carry as little as possible when needed. They sell two cases that you can mix & match your favorite Boxx Cosmetics products in. You can view them here.

June 15, 2013

June Ipsy

With the sneak peeks of June's Ipsy bag, I was super excited to receive it. June is my birthday month, and the leopard print bag was perfect for me!

Pssssst! Dry shampoo - I have 3 other dry shampoos. I rarely use these, but they do come

June 08, 2013

BA Star with Glitter and Base

Regardless of age, everyone has at least a tiny soft part for glitter. I know I'm definitely a sucker for a bit of glitter, even though may not wear it on my face very often.

BA Star has marketed their cosmetics, and especially their glitter, to cheerleaders, dancers, and performers of all categories. I think that it's awesome that they targeted a niche market like this. Now, just because that's who their target demographic is, doesn't mean that the rest of us glitter lovers can't enjoy some great products.