October 29, 2012

September's 5 lip product reviews

I am behind on many of my posts and I'm so sorry about it! Since the bf's playing some video games, I'm going to try to take advantage of this time and catch up on my posts.

As I've previously mentioned, I have a quite a bit of lip products and don't seem to use them very much. You can check out the initial post here and August's review here.

For September, I chose Make Up For Ever Lab Shine in M16, Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Lustre in Glitzy, Lise Watier Rouge Gourmand lipstick in Souffé, Tarte for True Blood LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint and mark. Gloss Gorgeous Stay on Lip Stain in Frilly Froufrou.

MUFE Lab Shine in M16

-Still has that smell that I can't quite pin - I think the smell's growing on me a little.
- Very sheer, but has a nice shine/metallic look to it. Colour barely show's up on my lips.
- Not sticky, but hair will get caught

Price: $21

- Still don't think I'd buy it again. I barely grabbed for it (4th choice out of the 5), and the colour was barely there. It's not so bad if you want a gloss with a tiny hint of colour.

Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Lustre in Glitzy

- Super easy to apply (it's a big pencil!)
- Colour is perfect for me! Medium dark pink with a hint of gold sparkles (you cannot feel these on the lips)
- Long-lasting and moisturizing, slight peppermint scent/taste to it
- This was unfortunately from last year's limited edition holiday set, so can't buy it on it's own

Price: On it's own, $31, however the gift set was I think $44 for 5 (yes, they were full size, that's less than $10 each)

- This was the number one item I reached for. While I don't think I'd pay $31 for it, I think I'll be reaching for the new Tarte holiday gift set this year because it was so worth it!

Lise Watier Rouge Gourmand lipstick in Souffé

- Applied like a regular lipstick
- Smooth, decent colour pay off
- Light frosty pink showed up on my lips alright

Price: $20

- It's ok. Nothing amazing or bad to report back. I grabbed it a few times when I was feeling a little more girly (frost light pink..), but overall, I probably would not buy it again (maybe a different colour, but not this one)

M16, Glitzy, Soufflé, True Blood, Frilly FrouFrou

Tarte for True Blood LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint

- Super easy to apply (it's a big pencil!)
- Long-lasting (tint/slight stain) and moisturizing, slight peppermint scent/taste to it
- The colour is a little sheer, yet buildable.
- This too was limited edition

Price: Unsure. However it was probably $31

- Would not buy again. The price was high (I'm a sucker for True Blood and Limited Edition), and if I want red, I have a few other choices that I prefer.

mark. Gloss Gorgeous Stay on Lip Stain in Frilly Froufrou

- Annoying clicker to get the product out
- Once out, easy enough to apply
- More of a gloss than a stain, however not sticky
- The slight colour that does show up on my lips is nice
- I wouldn't have tried this colour on my own (coral + the name)

Price: $11

- So while the price isn't bad and the colour's nice, I can't stand having to click to get product. Accidentally click too much, click while it's in the purse, etc. So, I'm on the fence about this one. I think I probably would not buy again.

Hope everyone stays safe, dry and indoors while we get hit with this lovely weather! I promise you, October's will not wait a full month this time!


October 17, 2012

Perl Nail Fashion Strips

I didn't have the time to do my nails before going out of town for Thanksgiving, so I decided that it was the perfect time to test out these "Nail Fashion Strips" by Perl. I got these in a swag bag a few weeks ago.

I was excited when I received this. I've been looking at the Sally Hanson nail strips for a while, but wasn't sure if I could justify the $10.

Perl is a Canadian company, founded in Montreal in 2011. They are sold in stores throughout Quebec or online. You can buy them from their website for $9. They offer free shipping on orders over $35. (perlfashion.com/ )


Seems to be the standard packaging that all the companies are using for their nail strips.Small box with a cut-out that shows the pattern. Nowhere on the box does it say the colour or pattern name. Upon going online, I discovered that the sample I received is called "Jungle Queen". Inside the box were the nail strips, a small file and a mini orange stick.  No nail buffer (part of the instructions tell your to buff your nails)

The Strips:

While these boxes usually contain  20 Nail Fashion Strips good for two manicures (per their website), this sample size only came with 10 strips. The box I got had one strip for the pinky, then 3 strips for the nail next to it, and some of the other strips were a little too big, so I had to cut the strips a little. So if the 20 pack has different sizes, then you might have a set that works perfect for you, and one that doesn't. Or, if they're saying good for 2 manicures, then maybe two sets that are identical, which means some altering needed for both. If they are 2 different sizes, then maybe you can go half with a friend that has bigger/smaller nails, then it wouldn't be so bad.


Pretty easy. The nail strips are individual and easy to work with. Warm up your hands by rubbing them together (I forgot this step). Buff your nails (which I had a buffer with me), match a strip to your nail, remove one side of the plastic, then remove the other side, place on nail, rub it in a small circular motion to make sure you get all the air out, then you file the rest off in a downwards motion.

Just like doing my nails with regular nail polish, I had a bit of a hard time with doing my right hand, but it wasn't bad at all. I had the most difficulty with filing. Perhaps I was slightly more on top than I should have been as some nails seemed to be missing a tiny bit at the tip. Oops!

Because there was no drying time, I was able to go about my day in a matter of a few minutes without any worries!

Day 1


The package and the website don't make any claims as to how long they last. I applied them on Friday afternoon (around 4pm) and took them off Tuesday evening (around 9pm). They have gone through a few showers, normal daily activities, sanding (sanding some wood, always end up getting the nails a bit) and one day of work (computer all day). By the end of it, they were starting to chip off a little and the colour was getting removed at the tips, leaving it white. Because of how they were, it took me lots of willpower to not remove them while still at work. So it lasted approximately 4 days. May have lasted longer if I warmed up my hands first and didn't sand anything, but I think the keyboard would have still gotten to it. I think I can safely say 2 days of a really nice manicure.

Day 4


Just peel it off like a sticker! So easy and not much cleanup involved. The only issue, is that like a sticker, it left a bit of a sticky residue on my nails, so I did have to take a quick wipe at them with nail polish remover. But over all, my nails looked great, didn't look dried up or anything afterwards.


Would I buy?
Since right now they are only found in stores in Quebec or online for the rest of us, probably not. However, if they sold at local Shoppers or Guardian Drugs or even Walmart, then I'd consider it. About the same price as the Sally Hansen ones, but comes with 20 strips, so unless you mess up, you're guaranteed two manicures. So it's like $4.50 per manicure instead of Sally Hansen's  $10.

After testing these out, I've decided to try out some other ones to compare. I've got 3 that I'll be testing out in the next few weeks and hopefully be able to do a good comparison for you!

These were not purchased by me. I have received these free in a "swag bag". Opinions were not influenced and are my own.

October 11, 2012

Trade & Blog Sale

So I've got many samples that I'm looking to swap with (looking at you Facebook GTA group ladies!).   And as some of you may know, I've also got many products that I've decided need a loving home. 

For the swaps, well, I'm hoping to meet some of you ladies in a few weeks, so no problems there. For anyone who's looking to buy  the shadows/liners etc, and don't live in the area, we'll discuss what's the best way to get you the item(s) and payment. 

All the shadows are almost brand new. You can see it in the picture.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 

If there is anything that interests you, please leave me a message below, via facebook or if you'd like, you can email me:  s.stg(at)hotmail(dot)com .

Update: I have removed the ones that are no longer available.

Here are the Beauty Samples that I'm willing to trade:

L'eau de Chloe perfumed body lotion

Sephora Instant Moisturizer, Algenist Overnight Restorative Cream, Orlane First time-fighting care eye contour

Dr. Brandt Pores No More sample kit (They have this set online for $39 US) 

Clarins Hydration Program:  HydraQuench Cream, HydraQuence Cream-Mask and Multi-Active Skin Renewal Serum

Clarins Energizing Program:  Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel, Daily Energizer Wake-up Booster and Daily Energizer Cream-Gel

Clarins Skin Firming Program: Extra-Firming day,  Extra-Firming Night and Extra-Firming Tightening Lift Botanical Serum

Sell or Trade

Lise Watier  Glitter Liners.  I just don't use them! They each have at half bottle +

Smokey Gold - This is one that's about a little more than half.  $5

Cognac - little more than half.  $5

Peacock - Almost Full.  $7

Émeraude (teal with a hint of blue, picture doesn't do it justice) - I believe this was limited edition too. Almost full - $7

Cybermint - I believe this was limited edition. About half, $5

Night Magic - Almost Full. $7

Fairy - about 3/4, $6

Urban Decay - Heavy Metal Glitter Liner.  Catfight.  $7

Kat Von D - Metal Orchestra (top no flash, bottom flash)  $20 (obo)
Urban Decay (UD) - The Vegan Palette  (no flash, flash) $15 (obo)

Lise Watier - Folie 24 Carats (no flash, flash) $7

Lise Watier - Folie D'Amour (no flash, flash) $7

Lise Watier - Folie D'Or (no flash, flash) $7

Lise Watier - Folie Kaki (no flash, flash) $7
Lise Watier - Folie Blanc $7
Lise Watier - Folie D'eau $7
Lise Watier - Folie Pomme $7

Make Up For Ever - n149  $10

UD - YDK (no flash, flash) $10

GOSH: Sea Me,  Bright N' Black,  Meringue.  $4 each or all three for $10

Cargo - Cannes  $7

I'll update as things are claimed.



October 10, 2012

Swag Bag - Flare World Runway Tour: Burlington

Talk about being busy! Went away for the weekend and my parents were coming and staying in my apartment! Needless to say, I don't think my place has ever looked so clean (well, maybe when we first moved in).

Here's the Swag Bag I got from the Flare World Runway Tour. I was quite impressed!

Beautiful Swag!

That "purse" is a Roger's ad.

Here's the break down with approximate value:

TRESemmé Unscented hair spray (full size)   -   $5.26  at WalMart
TRESemmé Dry Shampoo (full size)    -   $5.26  at WalMart  
TRESemmé Heat protectant (Full size)   -  $5.26  at WalMart
 TRESemmé Split Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner  (sample size)
Jergen's Ultracare Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer (100 ml  - full size is approx 480ml)   -  Full size = $9.09.  100ml approx $1.89  (however I found it online for $4.39)
Bioré Makeup Removing wipes (10 pack)   -   30 pack = $7.97 at Walmart.  Sample = $2.66
Vitamints - Active (Full size)  Approx. $16
Kiss Lashes with applicator strings -  $3.99
Perl Nail Fashion Strips (sample size - 1 manicure instead of 2)  -   Full Size = $9.99, Sample = $4.99
Montagne Jeunesse Masques (2x trial size)   -  Full size $1.87 for 10ml or 12g-15g.  Samples: $0.935 x 2 = $1.87
Vasanti  BrightenUp! face rejuvenator (sample, 12g)  -  Full Size 120ml =  $34  Sample =  $3.40
Nivea Pure & Natural lip moisturizer/chap stick (full size)   -  Approx $2.29
Maynard's Granny Smith candy (full size)  -  About $1.97
2 small nail files from girlsnightoutwines.com  -  Unsure, let's say $0.50

Approximate Total:  $55.34 - $57.84

Now, let's add a few other things in there. You may have noticed the Guess card in there. That's $20 (no min. spend).  Plus the complimentary 1 year subscription to FLARE Magazine (valued at $14.95)

If having a good time isn't a good enough reason to go, then hopefully the swag bag is! 

Here are a few additional pictures for you!
Everyone's Chair & Swag Bag

Left is from Swag Bag, Right is from Topbox. Just shows that Topbox really does try to make it  a deluxe sample!

Just before the fashion show began :)

Is there anything you'd like me to review?  I already have a Perl nail strips review on the way :)

Good night, Hugz


October 05, 2012

FLARE World Runway Tour - Burlington (part 2)

 Now that you've seen the fashion, I'm sure you want to see the beauty that goes along with it. I think I'm overall happy with the fall beauty trend. Nothing really over the top and things that are indeed pretty.

Before I get started on that, there's a few things that I missed mentioning in the Fashion post:
- The colours this fall are Oxblood and Cobalt Blue
- While a little tricky, head-to-toe in Red is in
- You will see lots of to-the-knee boots (and as they put it, it's like saying "I'm the boss" -- they said that they'll have tips on how to pull this off in the next issue of FLARE)
- Sleek silhouettes, straight lines
- Bold Bags

Fall's Beauty Trend

Jewel Tone Eyes

Think smokey eyes, but with dark emerald greens and sapphire blues. Easy to do and since it's not one specific colour, anyone can pull this off!

Blue Tone Beauty

As mentioned, Cobalt Blue is one of hottest colours this seasons and it's being incorporated in eye shadows, liners and roots. Yes, hair roots. While I'm not to sure about doing my roots blue, I'm ok with a few pieces, or maybe even the tips. But Cobalt Blue liner? Yeah, I think I'll be trying that.

The Long Story

Very long hair. Plain & Simple. I, however, just recently cut off all my long hair. Go figure.

Cat Eyes 2.0

Also see Blue Ton Beauty for a blue liner

We're talking Classic, Architectural, thick, thin, coloured... it's in and I'm loving it! A slight "flick" à la cat eyes is my go-to look, so I'm looking forward to playing around with this.

Dark Romance

The example that they gave, and one that I would have to agree with,  is that dark, almost mysteriousness of Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Think sever hair and lips (great way to incorporate those bordeaux, plum, black cherry and blood red lips). Don't over do it - you're not looking to look ill or too gothic.


Doesn't really seem to be a specific nail theme. Metallic, crackle (still!?) , leather looking, goth black, a pop of colour and purples are all in. Nothing too exciting here.

Since I'm out of town and dont have access to my computer, I'll have to do a seperate poat about the swag bag.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers!!