September 20, 2012

August's 5 lip product reviews

I apologize for the delay with this post. I've had my review written on a sheet of paper for a few weeks now but just haven't typed it out. Procrastinator!

As you may remember, I decided that since I have so many lip products, that I'm going to choose 5 a month and only use those (other than chap stick). At the end of the month, I will review them.

These were the first 5 that I picked when I decided to do this. I choose 5 slightly easier ones as I only had 2 weeks.

Sephora Fresh Gloss:
- I like the fresh minty-ness of the gloss
- Leaves a slight tingly feeling (minty) and when you break in slightly through your mouth, tastes fresh - kind of like after a gum
- Not sticky, but hair will get caught

- While I have 1 more, I wouldn't buy again. I barely reached for it

MUFE Lab Shine in Q10:
- Has a smell that I can't quite pin; bf thinks vanilla, but I think there's more to it - a little fruity. Someone mentioned apricot, but I'm not sure.
- Very sheer, but has a nice shine/slight glitter
- Not sticky, but hair will get caught

- Probably would not buy again, I didn't reach for it much

Philosophy Pomegranate Bubbly:
- Strong smell, better suited for a hand/body cream
- You can also taste this strong smell - Horrible!
- Very sparkly, slight purple tint on the lips
- Thick, slightly sticky

- I can't wear it at all. Definitely would not buy again. It's actually going straight into the garbage

UD Lip Junkie - Naked:
- Slight mint smell, slight tingle on lips
- Nude pink colour, slightly more sheer on my pigmented lips
- Velvety smooth feel - not sticky!

- Would possibly buy a full size

BareMinerals Pretty Amazing in Panache
- No smell, no taste
- Initially thought colour was too dark/purple, however adds a little colour to lips and seems to hide lip imperfections (kinda hides the dry/chapped lips)
- Smooth, silky feel - not sticky!

- Would definitely buy again. I think this colour is perfect for me!

I'll try to have more pictures for my next lip product review.  Have you tried any of these products? What was your thoughts on them?

September 18, 2012

September's Topbox

I'm subscribed to Topbox.ca.  While I haven't tried other beauty subscriptions out there, I absolutely love Topbox. I've been getting them since March.  For those of you who don't know, Topbox is a monthly "box" that gets delivered to your doorstep (well, my mailbox). It's $10 ($11.30 with taxes), and it includes 4 deluxe size beauty-related samples! They'll sometimes have bonus items or even full sized items!  This is a great subscription for anyone who likes trying new products but doesn't like investing in full size stuff that you may not like.

Before I get started on what I got this month, let me show you a quick picture of what I've gotten so far (since I didn't post about the other months..)

March: Cargo eyeshadow (full size), Redken Color Extend Shampoo/Conditioner (x2), mark.Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain (Frilly Frou Frou), mark. Mini Nail Lacquers (not shown - gave to mom), Bonus: Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes (not shown - used them)

April: Benefit POREfressional (mini), Principessa Dry Shampoo, Misa Nail Lacquer, Bella Pella Body Lotion.

May: Deborah Lippmann nail polish (full size!), Cover FX ClearPrep FX, Orlane eye cream, Expressions bronzing powder brush (not shown as I don't know where it is....)

June: Stila Mascara, Pari Beauty Precious Glow (primer, highlighter, etc). Get Creamed Body natural shampoo, Bread&Butter Face Cleanser (yes, this is for men - we had the option and I went with it -- Full Size!)

July: China Glaze nail polish, Nume Shampoo (not shown as I used it all), Pure+Simple mask,  Sampar hydrating fluid (x2)

August: Expression brow/lash brush, Expression Kabuki brush, ChloƩ Perfumed body lotion, Kellett Skincare Polishing Gel Cleanser, `Summer Travel Extra` Pink Wipe (femine wipe - not shown)
Bonus:  Nexxus Shampoo & conditioner

And now for September's box...

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What'd I get and what's it say on the card?

Benefit They're Real! Mascara: This long wearing, jet black, glossy formula reveals lashes you never knew you had. Full Size: $29 (8.5g) (Received 3.0g). Shoppers, Murale and Sephora.

M.Asam Perfect Teint: This primer immediately smoothes the appearance of lines, pores and imperfections for a flawless finish. Full Size: $42 (50ml) (Received 5ml) cosmolaneboutique.com

Vasanti Cosmetics BrightenUp! Enymatic Face Rejuvenator:  Dramatically improve your skin's texture to reveal soft, brighter and younger looking skin! Full Size: $34 (120ml) (Received 20ml) vasanticosmetics.com

Calvin Klein ENCOUNTER: A distinctive sensual woody fragrance, ENCOUNTER combines a blend of freshness, warm cognac and sensual wood. Full Size: $45 (50ml) (Received 15ml)  Available at fine retailers across Canada. 

This month's value: $39.86

I'm kinda excited about this box. I know a lot of people were disappointed with theirs though. Some people got the Redken Shampoo/Conditioner that I got a while back, Philosophy's Purity face wash or Balenciaga perfume (small vial). I know everyone got the mascara (Topbox mentioned that for Fall they'll be featuring at least one makeup item per box) and I believe everyone got the M.Asam primer as well.

In this month's survey, it asked if we wanted to get a sample of a newly (or to-be) released men's fragrance or if we wanted to swap it out. I decided to go for it, and I'm happy I did. Calvin Klein's ENCOUNTER just came out this September and smells amazing. The picky bf even liked it! The size is pretty awesome for a sample - 15ml! That's about the size of a regular nail polish. It's perfect for traveling.

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My two fave items from this box

The next thing I'm excited for is the mascara. I've read so many great reviews about it and looking forward to trying it!

Vasanti's face wash promises great things, however I'll have to test it out.

M.Asam's primer feels nice and smooth, but it has a scent to it. I put a little on my hand and 15 minutes I can still smell it (it's not as strong as before, but still noticeable). I have many face primers already and I have a feeling I wont like this one based on the smell - Let's face it, you put that stuff under your eyes too!

Anyways, I hope you like it! If you're interested in subscribing, there is a wait list (apparently several months), but I'd be happy to send you a referral, just let me know.

I'll see you next month! (hopefully before that though..)