February 21, 2012

38 of 365 - Free gift from Sephora

One thing I love about Sephora, once in a while you get a free VIB gift. Alright, you usually have to spend $25 - $35 dollars, but that's alright considering when I know they're due to do a gift soon, I usually try to hold off on purchases (or leave an item or two until I absolutely need it!)

Sephora's VIB program is an extension of their Beauty Insider program. If you spend $350 over the course of a year, you're automatically a VIB for the remainder of that year and the next. Once in a while they'll send out emails that you can bring in for special discounts, promos, or a free gift.

This was on Valentine's day and I had to spend $35 to get it. That was no problem since I just bought a new face cleanser and it's been making my skin so dry (made with tea tree oil and good to clear up blemishes) so I needed a moisturizer. So I picked that up and the brush protectors that I mentioned the other day.

Our little gift was from NARS and contained the following:

- Deluxe sample of the Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
- Deluxe sample of the Bronzing Powder in Laguna
- Deluxe sample of the Illuminator  in Orgasm

A note about the base: It's 0.09 Oz. The packet I put beside it is the same base, but in their trial size, which is 0.01 Oz and when I went to look at NARS shadows, I noticed in their "Wicked Attraction" set that the base they have in there is 0.05 Oz. So this really is a nice deluxe size sample!

I already own a deluxe sample of the Copacobana Illuminator (I love it!).This lil' sample will last quite some time if you don't put it on your entire face (under foundation). I've tried Orgasm before and it doesn't seem to do anything to my skin. I'll probably give this one away.

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