February 16, 2012

36 of 365 - Still no better...

After my failed attempt at pretty sparkly nails the other day, I decided to try it without the glitter. I wanted it to be a lil' Valentine's Day-ish so I decided on using Precious by Quo (the black based dark magenta/purple glitter colour) and Dear Diary by Sephora by OPI (light pink).

I also used the Perfect tips & toes polish guide by Nailene. Let me start by saying I just plain suck at this. I think only one nail turned out ok? The tips are uneven and blotchy. Oh, and don't forget that the stickers removed some of the nail polish as well.

The colour's not coming through very well in the pictures. The darker colour is black based with a dark magenta/pink/purple sparkle in it.

Looks like I may also fail at describing colours. Guess it's time for bed. 

Have you tried the polish guides?

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