January 04, 2018

New Year Goal: Getting Organized

Happy New Years!

This year, I wanted a simple New Year's resolution that would be (hopefully) easy to keep, and one that had a big impact on just about everything I did. With having a child, house, planning a wedding and a blog, I want to be organized. I want to make the most out of my time. So, I went the "old school" way, and got myself a planner. 

Basic supplies

Planners today aren't what they used to be. There's a big planner world out there with different types of planners, stickers, washi tape... and the list goes on. It's almost like a cult following! While all the stickers and die-cuts are pretty to look at, they're not necessary. But, they sure do make things much more fun and interesting, and makes you want to look at your planner.

Both sizes have inspirational quotes or pretty designs on the monthly separators

All that's really needed is a planner and a writing aparatus. This is the Me & My Big Ideas (MAMBI) Happy Planner in classic and mini. I decided to go for two of them, in different sizes, so that I can test the two sizes out, and to keep different aspects of my life separate.

Inside of the classic and mini Happy Planners

In my case, the larger one is for everything household and family related (appointments, things I plan on doing, cleaning schedule, etc). The smaller one is strictly for the blog. I'm still on the fence about which of the two I should use for wedding related things.

You don't need this many sticker books... but they are fun! 

When I first bought the planners, I got suckered in with all the stickers. At nearly $30 a book, 8 books is a little overkill for a beginner, even if I did get everything on sale. Thank you Michael's coupons and sales!

The combination of functional and decorative stickers makes you want to look at the planner

Some stickers are super functional, like To Do stickers, but a lot are purely for decoration, like quotes or full box images. But it's the combination of both that keeps me wanting to look at my planner and stay on track. Seriously, if I bought these stickers, I'm going to use them, and if I'm going to use them, I better look at them!

I actually bought more washi since this picture.... oops! 

Oh, and the washi tape? You don't need this many. I haven't found a functional use for them yet, just purely decoration. But again, it's fun!

Washi along perforated edge

A spread with washi, functional and decorative stickers

So that's my theory on why this is a good, feasible resolution for me. Because I can decorate it, it's pretty, and it will keep me organized with everything!

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