March 10, 2013

The Final 5: February's 5 Lip Products

I would love to say "Can you believe that I'm already done going through all those lip products?", but in reality, it was really hard. Imagine only having the choice of 5 shirts - and you didn't like them all. Ok, maybe a little dramatic there, but you get the point. The beginning wasn't too bad, but as time went on, there were just other lip glosses or lipsticks that I wanted to wear. That one item that I just knew would complete my look. But, I was limited. Alas, the time has come. The 5 final products have been tested and graded. In the next coming weeks, I plan on having a general overview of all the products I tested.

Bare lips for reference if you'd like:

Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Fireberry

The only way I could get the true colours to show up right

- Dark Berry with finely milled gold glitter - but it applies fairly sheer with not much of a gold hint
- A little thick makes it slightly tacky
- Doe-foot applicator
- No smell

Price:  $19 

Verdict: It's nice when I need something thick (dry lips) that doesn't show too much, but I wouldn't buy again

Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Sparkling

- Smells like Vanilla, but doesn't taste like anything
- Doe foot applicator
- Very nice consistency (not thick, but not runny)
- Adds a nice touch of frosted colour

Price: $27

Verdict: This was a GWP and I really like it, however for the price, I'm sure I can find an equivalent for less.

MUFE Lab Shine in D16

- I can admit, I like the slightly sweet smell. Still not sure what the smell is
- Mostly sheer, but leaves a bit of sparkle/glitter on the lips
- Not sticky, but hair will get caught

Price: $21

Verdict: I'm sure I can find something very similar for a lower price, so no, I would not buy this exact product again.

Philosophy Lip Gloss in Berry Christmas

- I don't remember the smell, but it did smell good
- Shortly after application, it made my lips incredibly itchy

Price: $10-13

Verdict: So far, two Philosophy glosses that I've tried and haven't liked either of them. I wasn't able to test this one any further due to the itchy feeling. It went into the garbage the first day of February. Will not be purchasing Philisophy lip products in the future. 

Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw

forgot to take an individual lip pic
 - Dries matte, but also very drying on the lips
- Formula and the bold red leave no room for error
- Lasted about 4-5 hours before wearing off
- No smell
- A gloss on top makes it look a little better.

Price: $23

Verdict:I wouldn't purchase again, and while All the others are being put up for new homes, this one will stay here. Unless I have a better bright red hanging around somewhere (you never know when a girl's going to need a good red lipstick!)

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  1. It's too bad about the red lipstick...it looks amazing on you. What I use when I find lipsticks drying, is a little bit of coconut oil. I put the coconut oil on my lips first, do my makeup and then do my lipstick last so that the oil has sunk in a bit. I find this helps with the drying. :)