March 05, 2013

First Lip Factory Box

There are so many beauty boxes out there that offer a variety of items. Many boxes focus on just about anything beauty related and provide a sampling of different items. There are a few boxes out there that are more geared for makeup only. Enter Lip Factory Inc.

While the name of the box makes one believe that is going to be entirely lip products, that's not the case. They did have one box, in November, that was entirely lip products, but all of their other boxes have had other aspects of the makeup realm. You can actually view some of the past boxes on their website. November, December, January.

At the time of subscribing, Lip Factory was I think $22. Mid February, they announced that due to USPS greatly increasing their prices for shipping to Canada, Lip Factory will now have to charge an additional $4 for shipping.

If you've read reviews and seen pictures online, the size of the box looks large. This is actually quite deceiving. The box is actually small. It's actually smaller than a Glossybox product card. As you can see below, it fits perfectly in my hand. There's only a little tissue paper in there, and the box isn't a sturdy box like Glossybox's, but I believe this allows them to put the money towards the products. Of course, it does get shipped in another box.

First thing that I seen was this sampler card that had a few samples of skin product samples from 29 Cosmetics. They are single use and Lip Factory's website gives this a value of $2

Next items received was 3 colours from LA Splash. These are beautiful loose eye shadows packaged in such a way that you can stack them all together. The colours are Oyster Shell (light pink), Hula Hula (bright magenta pink with some iridescent glitter) and Black Sea (black with iridescent glitter)

I would highly suggest using a primer for these shadows as it helps pigmentation. A primer that helps glitter stick (such as Too Faced Glitter Glue) for the Black Sea and Hula Hula. You can use them wet and you can really see the colour and glitter pop! These are full size and $6.99 each

Row 1 alone, Row 2 applied wet, Row 3 over UD Primer
Up next is the 29 Cosmetics Preserves Hint of Honey Grape Seed Age Protecting Lip Treatment. It's super smooth (no gritty texture) smells a bit like honey (the real stuff, not like Burt's Bees which I think smells like baby powder) and shows just a hint of the glitter in it. I'm in love with this stuff! While it says Tester on the package, this is a full size (un-used!) item. Value: $24

Another 29 Cosmetics product! So this next item is the 29 Cosmetics Grape Seed Age Protecting Moisturizing Lipstick in Stompin' Grapes (What a suiting name!) This colour is gorgeous! Applies well and it actually is moisturizing. Full Size. Value: $25

And of course, a lip liner to go with the lipstick. This is by Nabi, another line that I'm not familiar with. The colour goes well with the lipstick we received and seems to have nice colour payoff. Full size. Value: $1

Nabi Lip Liner, 29 Cosmetics Stompin' Grapes, 29 Cosmetics Hint of Honey Lip Treatment

We also received a Key to Beauty Faux Chocolate Brown Leather Keychain. The name kinda says it all. It's a little faux leather keychain to hold your lipstick. It even has a little mirror on the inside. It's cute, but useless for me. Value: $15

Last item received was an "extra" item. Just a mini kabuki brush. I'm good for kabuki brushes. I'll be giving this away. As it's a bonus item, they didn't put a value for it.

29 Cosmetics Sample Card: $2
29 Cosmetics Lip Treatment: $24
29 Cosmetics Lipstick: $25
LA Splash Eyeshadow: $6.99 x3
Nabi Liner: $1
Keychain: $15
Total: $87.97

Must say, for paying about $22, the value is definitely there! However, because of the price increase, I'm not going to stay subscribed. The value's there, it's just not within my monthly allowance ($20, but I made a minor exception for $2).

Seems like January was the first month that they included the product prices on the website. January's was about $43.50. I may just have lucked out with February's box.


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  1. this is neat - i was really contemplating this box before but it is slightly out of my budget and i really dont need more subscriptions.
    those loose powders are absolutely gorgeous! it makes a huge difference to apply them wet! so shimmmerry!!