March 12, 2013

Glossybox Italy & Poland

I recently won two international boxes from Glossybox by participating (and winning) their Pinterest contest for their 1-year anniversary. There were 3 winners for this contest. Glossybox just announced them yesterday on their Facebook page.

I'll be honest, Italy and Poland are not my first choices, however since this was the prize, I can't complain! I received my boxes within a week of being contacted, and here's what I got: 

Italy Box

Product card - front & back

Product Ingredient card

Swatched on bare skin & primer

This box is from May 2012. Almost a year old! I'm a little disappointed that it's not a more recent box, but whatever I guess. There is definitely no lack of product in this box! Upon opening the box, there was a smell that at first pleased my nostrils then quickly became too much.

In the box was a trio of items from Blumarine (perfume, bath gel and body lotion) and all 3 are the same scent - Innamorata. My nose is a little sensitive to perfumes so I had to take it out of the box and put it somewhere else so that it wouldn't bother me. Both the bath gel and body lotion are decent sizes at 30ml each. Also received 30ml of shampoo and I believe conditioner. The shampoo is scented, but not horrible. The conditioner smells a bit strong for my liking. A bit like baby powder (I don't like the smell of baby powder at all!).  Forgive me if I offend anyone, but do Italians really like/wear so many heavily scented things? I guess I know where the saying "Italian Shower"comes from ;)

The Eucerine product is a SPF 25 face cream (which is now expired) and the last two items are Kryolan's Satin Powder. The colours are very similar. One is a little more coral and the other a little more dusty rose. I would have liked to see colours that are not so similar, but I understand  that this is probably Kryolan's decision and not Glossy's.

 Overall, I'm quite disappointed with this box. A few heavily scented products that make my eyes water and nose itch so I wont be able to use those, an expired product (Sept/2012) so that leaves me with two eyeshadows that are similar in colour. At least the shadows are by Kryolan and not the dollar store.

Poland Box

Product card - front & back

Yoskine Sapphire Anti-Wrinkle Peeling
There may be only 5 products in this box compared to the Italy box, however this box is from September 2012 and contains more products that I would use. A little better, if I do say so myself. First thing I noticed was the Bath & Body Works body lotion in Pink Chiffon. I liked and debated about getting this one once so I'm happy that I now have it.

I'm not familiar with Yoskine, however I read online about it and it's supposed to have pulverized sapphire in it. Oh la la! It's a Sapphire Anti-Wrinkle Peeling. It's really an exfoliator. Light scent, nothing in particular. I look forward to trying this out.

Nuxe 24hrs Soothing and Moisturizing Rich Cream isn't something that I'll be using. I have so many face creams and what not that I really don't need another. These things seem to last me forever. I have heard good thing about this brand though.

Phyto Express Conditioner for colour treated hair. Is it just me, or does anyone else find it slightly weird that they'll send a conditioner but not a matching shampoo? My hair hasn't been color treated in nearly 2 years. I haven't decided if I'll hold onto this one or not.

Last item is Figs& Rouge Balm. It's made with peppermint & tea tree (two of my favorite things!) but it can be used on your lips, face and body. I think this a little strange. I tried it on my lips (which would be my intended use) and I quite enjoyed it.

Overall Thoughts

I honestly thought that I'd like Italy's box better, but that's not the case. Italy's box just had way too much smells going on and an expired product.

Both product cards were the same size, double sided, single language. Also the cardstock was not as thick or glossy. I understand that Canada is bilingual which is why ours are both French & English (therefore using twice as much), but I don't think we need it to be as glossy as it is or as big. Maybe this would cut down a little bit on the cost and help with slightly better products?

I did like that Italy had included an additional card (paper really) with the product ingredients. This is a good idea for those that like knowing what ingredients are in each products (those that prefer vegan or have allergies), but I do think that for the most part, we're good without it. If someone really wants to know, they can usually find it using trusty Google.

Now if you noticed, on the Italy product card it also mentioned 2 other products that were not in this box. I had researched online for reviews when this box originally came out, but it seems that no one had ever received the rose oil or jelly kiss. Strange. I think those two items would have made the box!

So overall, I can't complain about my winnings. The odds/chances of an Amazing & Spectacular box overseas is about the same as ours.

If you had a choice, which country's Glossybox would you like to try?



  1. I won the same italian box last year - the smells were so overpowering when I opened the box! I still haven't used anything from the box except the shadows.. they are really similar (I prefer the pinker one) but they are amazing! I hope you like them too!

  2. lol was just going to say the shadows look different in the package but looks almost identical on the hand..
    It's kind of weird that the contest winnings contain expired products, I use weird because I am not surprised.. lol sadly..
    However, I still hope you enjoy and congratulations you won :D

  3. Had no idea you won! Congrats!

    The shadows look fun.. kinda strange that they are such old boxes or at least the one is..Anyways it is all ways fun to fin something so I hope you can enjoy something!

  4. i was all excited for you when i heard you won but i had no idea that they were going to be such old boxes. it's really too bad that many of the products were so heavily perfumed and an expired product?? booo...
    still it's pretty exciting to try products you've never heard of... did you somehow translate the card or info on the product? haha