March 12, 2013

February Empties

So I decided to jump on the band wagon and do monthly "empties" posts. Well, actually, I just thought it was a good way to keep track of stuff that I've actually used up. Honestly, right now I have so much stuff that it almost gets depressing thinking about trying to use it all. I know. That may sound a little weird. I just want to try everything - but I want to finish stuff before moving onto something new.

So, here are February's empties. Since it was the first month, it was a little hard at first to remember to not through something out immediately. So I'm pretty sure there's supposed to be an extra item or two in there.

Miss Korea BB Cream was pretty good.  Only downfall was that it was pretty light for me. - Probably wouldn't purchase though.
Dr. Brandt's Collagen Eye Serum pilled with my moisturizer. Both day & night. I'll test it out in March with different moisturizers. Didn't see any difference. - Would not purchase.
L'Oréal  Youth Code BB Cream was almost a perfect match. Went on smoothly and blended nicely. Would possibly purchase.
BareMinerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer was so-so. Nothing really stood out. Wasn't a big fan of the smell. - Wouldn't purchase.

Dove Revive Body Wash was alright. Smelled great, I felt fresh & clean. Found you needed quite a bit of water for a good lather. It was very creamy in texture. - Would possibly re-purchase
The Body Shop Body Butter in Vitamin E took me forever to finish, but it is my favorite thing to use on my legs after shaving. - Already working on my second one!

So there you have it! I already have a few of my full size products close to being done this month so I know I'll have much more to show you for March's empties!




  1. You did it! Hehe. I didn't like the dove body wash too much, I had the orange one (cant remember the scent) but it started to smell too fake to me and it felt like cream >.< Id like to try the BB Creams but the Missha super bb broke me out >.<

  2. I totally get it!! I want to try everything too! But, I hate opening a new product when I have one on the go..and with collecting so much stuff it's a conundrum and torture! :)

  3. haha that is why i do empties posts too! to see what i have actually used up... i should really get on mine... i still need to do jan and feb! good job on your empties!