March 24, 2013

Another Beauty No-Buy

After the L'Oreal Warehouse Sale, I decided to start another beauty no-buy. It'll be similar to the last one I did, which worked very well. My goal is at least 1 month, however I'm hoping to have it about 3 months long.We'll see how it goes since I am going to the Blush Pretty Beauty Boards in May.

Rules are simple and pretty much the same as last time:

- Don't buy any beauty products unless replenishing
- Before replenishing, see if I have samples to use up first
- Officially started on Monday, March 18

I started this on a whim, so there was no planning or thinking about it. That being said, I did ask a friend a few weeks ago to pick up a few items from the MAC Warehouse Sale. That was a whole $22.

Looking up at my extra stash above my computer, I do see that I won't need any mousse, hair oil, hair spray, makeup remover, cleansers, toner, face creams, masks, or body/hand lotion/butters. And I'm pretty sure I don't need makeup. AT ALL.

Anytime I feel the urge to spend, or see something that I want, I will do one of two things: "buy" an item from my out-of-sight makeup stash. That money goes in a container that doesn't get opened. Or I take the dollar amount of the item I'm wanting and put it either in another bank account.

So, here's hoping for the best!



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