March 03, 2013

February GlossyBox - Anniversary Box

February was Glossybox Canada's 1 Year Anniversary. Of course, being the anniversary box, everyone had high hopes (despite the previous month's flops). They let out a little teaser video letting us know one of the items in the box: Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment. In that same video, they posted that there would be a mini contest: The Glossies with the most Glossy Dots would receive a deluxe sample of the Givenchy Gloss Interdit.  I have 120 pts with another 140 pts in surveys to take. So let's what was in my box!

This month, instead of the usual dusty pink box, the box was black with bright pink accents. I didn't take a picture of the exterior, but I love this combination! (I tend to gravitate towards dark colours...)

First up are these cupcake liners with toothpick things. I get that they're celebrating their 1 year anniversary, but we're beauty fanatics, not bakers. Ok, maybe some of us are bakers. A branded mirror compact would have been a little more fitting.

I noticed that my box had a bit of a smell and that's when I noticed that the cap on this shower gel wasn't completely closed! Luckily it didn't seem to leak everywhere. Just a little in the cap. It smells like roses, it was kinda nice at first, but I got tired, annoyed and slightly sneezy after a while of having the open Glossbox beside me. This is a full size product. Value: $3  (sorry about these pictures, my camera would not pick up the pink properly)

Next is the Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment. If you've followed my blog, you know that I've been trying some of the products from this line. I love the Repair Masque and I was a little disappointed with the Flawless and while I am in the process of trying a few other of their products, I'm super excited to have this! I haven't had the chance to try it yet, but I can tell you that it smells lovely! You can expect a review on this in the future! While this may only be 30ml, this probably will last quite some time. This size is actually sold on the Macadamia website (it's their 2nd smallest), so I will call this a full size. Value: $13.50

Another item that I'm looking forward to trying is this Biore Acne Clearing Scrub. It has little beads in it and is supposed to improve your skin's complexion without disturbing its natural moisture. This is another Full Size item. Value: $9.99

Another full size item! I've actually picked up two items from Essence recently, but not their shadows (I'm waiting for their spring collection to come out). So getting this was a little nice so that I can give it a try. I'll be throwing in a review of this when I do the other two items so I wont say much about here, but the colours are nice. Out of the 4 sets of colours that I've seen, this one probably would have been my 3rd choice. Full Size: $3.99

I immediately noticed that I had received the Givenchy Gloss Interdit! I was quite surprised at this as I was pretty sure I did not have enough Glossy Dots. The only explanation that I can think about is the fact that they were supposed to send me a replacement item for the December items that were expired. The colour that we received was Coral Frenzy and I have to say, I think I love it! It'll be perfect for the summer. It's a mini brush which while not my favourite, it's ok. It also has a bit of a smell to it. It reminds me of smelling my mom's lipsticks when I was younger. Received 3.5ml Value: $17.50  (full size is 6ml for $30!)

We also received a few foil samples. These are just extras so I didn't bother calculating the worth.

 So we got 4 full size items out of 5 + 2 foils and the cupcake thingy.

Anatomicals: $3.00
Macadamia Natural Oil: $13.50
Biore: $9.99
Essence: $3.99
Givenchy: $17.50
Total:  $47.98

So the value of what was received vs what was paid was worth it. I probably would have picked up the Macadamia oil in the future anyways so it was worth it. If it wasn't for that product (and the givenchy), I don't think I would have liked the box much. The only thing that I probably wont be using is the shower gel and the foil packets.



  1. wow great box, I got the ultra pore strips instead of the scrub. Personally I didn't even know they made an acne scrub...I thought I had tried everything of theirs.

    Great review.

  2. actually the acne isn't even on their canadian site now that I look at it. interesting...must be really new

  3. The products look like its falling out of the box haha but your lucky getting the givenchy! I was going to sub for their anniversary box but figured I wouldnt get the givenchy so I probably wouldnt be happy with the rest of the box hehe.