November 29, 2012

November Julep Box / Suede Polishes

I'm really late with this post, Sorry guys!

I received my Julep box around November 9th. Most of this month's boxes contained what they call "suede" polishes. The suede polish has a matte finish with some shimmer in it. It's quite nice.

My box this month, Classic With a Twist, contained two polishes, a Body Frosting and three individualy wrapped one-step polish remover pads. The Body Frosting is pretty much like any body butter and smells like pink grapefruit - not overpowering.

The polishes I received were Brit (graphite) and Minka (oxblood red).

When I first tried using a base coat, it seemed like the polish would stick and not glide on my nail as smoothly, so I had to use an extra coat.
Of course, you can apply a top coat for a slightly different look.

Flash, no flash, first nail of each colour has a top coat

The great thing about these polishes is that they dry super quick. Downfall, without a base or topcoat, they don't last very long.

By the time I did my nails and woke up, not even 12 hours had gone by and the nails were ok. Took my shower, and they had a few chips. I quickly applied another coat let it dry then went to work. 8 hours later, this is what they looked like (and I didn't pick at them like I normally would have when this happens!)

With a base & top coat, the polish does last a little longer. Overall, good for a quick many as long as you're not expecting it to last. I was really hoping for a little more staying power.

What do you think of suede polishes?



  1. You can use a matte top coat on them. It doesn't change the suede look that way and you get to t opp coat it!

    1. True. I think my matte top coat has been hiding from me as I haven't seen it in a bit. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think it works as well as the regular top coat.

  2. I had the same experience with the regular Juelp polishes. They were just horrible :(

    1. I've only tried one of their regular polishes and on my toes. Silly me forgot to put a top coat on and the one chipped two days later! I'm gonna try out the ones I currently have and may not continue to get them. I feel ya!