November 05, 2012

Lise Watier Sample Box

After some back & forth with Topbox and Canada post, Topbox has confirmed that my box is lost. Because of this, I'll be getting a refund and based on their email, I'll also be getting a bonus sample in my November box. Let's just hope that I get my November box. While sure there was lots of disappointment with October's box, I wanted to be part of that! Apparently in some of the boxes going to Toronto, there was a card (this may have been just an email instead of card, I'm not sure) with an offer to go to select Shoppers Drug Mart an obtain a free Lise Watier Beauty Box. Many of us were disappointed that it was only in Toronto, however it was a trial that they were doing and hoping that it'll role out to the rest of Canada next year. They sent out another email on Friday with the coupon saying that they ordered 100 more boxes at each of the select stores. Knowing that I was going to Toronto the following day, I contacted the two nearest Shoppers to the location and one of them was kind enough to put it on hold for me.
When I picked it up, I was surprised to find that it was the same size as a normal Topbox.
It also had tissue paper (Lise Watier, not purple) and a product card! Here's what I got:
Hydrasmart 3D Hydration Gel-Crème: this cream will drench your skin in moisture with its silky smooth texture. Full size: $40 (50ml). This is a 30ml sample, which makes it huge in the sample world. They have called it "discovery size".  I think more things need to be Discovery Size :)   With Winter just around the corner, I'm hoping that this will help with the dryness I get.
the purse spray "holder"and the two perfumes/sprays
Frisson Neiges Purse Spray with refill: Frisson Neiges turns from sweet innocence to pure excitement and ends in a blissful smile. Full size: $40 (30ml), $59 (50ml) - I got 20ml x 2 What is with that description? Here's a snippet of a description I found from Sears "Frisson Neiges unveils intoxicating and delicious notes of passion fruit and papaya; then in a tribute to Neiges, a bouquet of white flowers and lastly a gentle creamy woods base so that the fleeting moment lasts forever." Ah! Now doesn't that help much more? With that being said, I don't like the smell. While I don't exactly have a "nose for perfumes" or anything, I didn't get any notes of passion fruit or papaya. Thought it was very floral. Even the bf thought it smelled like lots of flowers.
drop it in, up it's ready to spray, twist down and it's ready for your purse
Plumpissimo Le Gloss: Its light gel texture moisturizes and smoothens lips. Its formula plumps instantly for fuller lips. Full Size: $21 (6.2ml)  - I got 1.5ml While I haven't tried this gloss yet due to my 5 lip products a month challenge, I love this colour (Nude). It looks like a nice nude pink with some iridescent gold shimmer. I also love lip plumpers, even though I don't find they work for me (not that I really need them). This might get it's own review in the future.
So that's it folks. Here's hoping that I'll get my November box on time and that I'll get a good "bonus" item for October's mishap. *hugz* -Sam

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