November 24, 2012

Project No-Buy

I've finally decided to do it. I've thought about this for a while now and decided to put my foot down and just do it! A month-long no-buy.

It officially starts today. Over the past few weeks, I slowed down my spending on beauty products, purchasing only a few must-have items (which I will be showing you over the next week or so - no eye shadows!).

I have created a few rules for myself:

1 - No buying beauty products - unless I run out of a needed item(see below)
2 - The only beauty products that I will purchase without replenishing, is my current subscription to Topbox and possibly Julep (I skipped December - that was hard)
3 - Not allowed to purchase new lip products or eye shadows, even if I have emptied them (I have so many, I really should try to use up as many as I can!)
4 - If I run out of something (ie: mascara), I must see if I have samples to be used up before purchasing a new one.
5 - Where possible, try a different, less expensive brand (I've tried various eye shadow primers and I know that the only one that works for me is Urban Decay. However for face primers, maybe try something from Covergirl (just an example), instead of Smashbox)

This will run from November 24 - December 24 (oh my! we're about a month away from Christmas - eek!). I will possibly extend my no-buy depending on how it goes.

I do believe that will be all. Now I will admit that I *may* participate in the rumoured Mega Redemption at Shoppers Drug Mart (for the record, I'm not really using money out of my own pocket...)

Will you gals join me on this No-Buy? Or will you maybe wait until after Christmas?



  1. At least if you're doing it until dec. 24th you will still be able to do some boxing day shopping! :p

    1. All my family's out of town and I have to work on the 27th, which means traveling on Boxing Day. I'm hoping that I'll be able to extend it by another few weeks (what am I getting myself into!?, haha)

  2. Good luck! I have tried this a couple times and have failed! I think I will challenge myself to no-purchasing after Christmas!


    1. Thanks and best of luck to you when you do it!

  3. I know that there is no way I will be able to resist Boxing Day deals. I am just too weak when it comes to beauty products. I have however committed to starting a no buy as of January 1st. New year. Fresh start. I have so much stuff, I probably couldn't use it all in a year! Kudos to you for starting this now. I send you the strength you need to get through it, and then some. :)