November 22, 2012

Depotting and Yaby Freestyle Palette

Do we show the same amount of love to ALL of our makeup? I'm sure most of you are like me: have so much makeup (we'll never say too much!) that sometimes you forget which colours you have.

Since I'm planning on going on a no-buy soon, I figured it would be a great idea to de-pot some of my lesser-used  eye shadows and put them in a few palettes so that I can see them all without going through like, a million things!
Yaby Freestyle Palette

I was going to IMATS and debating on the Z Palette or the Yaby Freestyle palette. Z Palette was being sold full price for $21 and Yaby was on sale for $14 (instead of $22). Yaby is made of a hard, sturdy plastic, solid all the way around and has a nice full mirror that also doubles as a mixing tray. The Z Palette, while a little longer, is see through on the top so that you can see what you have in it and is made of recycled materials. I do prefer the sturdy-ness of the hard plastic from Yaby (I don't own and haven't held a Z Palette, so I can't compare the greatest there). If that doesn't wasn't enough, here's a little math I did to justify going with Yaby.

Yaby's palettes are 5.76 x 4.32
I bought 4, so the total space would be 23.04 x 17.28
They were $14 each, so the total was $56

Z Palette's are 7.44 x 4.13  (used the inner dimensions)
In order to get the same amount of space as Yaby: 23.04 / 7.44 = 3.10   and 17.28 / 4.18 = 4.18
So I would be missing space with 3 palettes, or I'd have extra space with 4.
Using the minimum of 3 Z Palettes at $21 each, the total would have been $63

If Yaby was not on sale, then the Z Palette would have been the cheaper option. But I honestly cannot tell you how much I'm loving these Yaby Freestyle Palettes!

Now for the fun stuff: De-Potting

I had 5 Kat Von D Palettes, 4 Lise Watier Palette and the Tarte for True Blood palette.

Kat Von D was a little tricky as you have to pop out the plastic piece that kinda holds things in place & fills in the gaps to make everything look pretty. That was a royal pain! I took a small spatula and fit it in the crack and tried to wiggle my way around to lift it from whatever was holding it there. There was a bit of glue holding them there, but I think that was just glue that spilled out from the pans - it was mostly just a really tight fit. No two palettes came apart the same way.
Each one gave me a different challenge

Once the plastic piece is out, you just use the spatula and poke around at the glue under the pans until they come loose.

For her newer palettes, the ones that are made of aluminum, the eye shadow pans are placed in the plastic piece that makes it all pretty, so all I had to do was get my spatula underneath it and gently pry it up. You have to be VERY careful so that you don't crack any of the shadows. My Lise Watier palettes were the same as this one.
Don't apply too much pressure or it'll crack

The Tarte Palette was a little tricky. I think the shadows are softer/more delicate. I had to try to pry one from outer edge with the spatula and try to make my way in. I tried two different corners and both cracked a little.
My first (and worst) casualty.

Once the shadow pans were all popped out, you have to clean the glue off. Lise Watier had just a small dot of glue on each and was super easy to take off with a little x-acto knife or your fingers. Tarte had a little more, but still really easy to take off with fingers. Kat Von D on the other hand, wow! Talk about lots of glue! I had to whip out the Goo Gone for those pans. Used q-tips to apply the Goo Gone, let it sit for about a minute then try to scrape it off with the x-acto knife. Some were so bad I had to do this twice.  Once they were all cleaned off, took another q-tip with rubbing alcohol, cleaned the bottom and used little round stickers to put the names on.
Kat Von D had a disgusting amount of glue

All cleaned up with the stickers and under Bayou you can see the grippy

Kat Von D & Lise Watier 's pans stuck to the magnetic base while Tarte needed small "grippies" from Yaby (small pieces of steel)

After that, it's like a big puzzle!

Each one is labelled on the front with tape & marker so I can change as I want later

 So I've gone from this:
Messy! Forget about some colours!

To this:
Organized, easy to see them all!

See how 3 Yaby palette compare to the True Blood Palette?  1 inch shorter in length and 7/8 of an inch  shorter in width and 3 are about the same height.
sorry for the crappy picture quality

Of course, I left out the dried out cream colours that some of the palette had and out of 5 Kat Von D palettes, I had 4 duplicate colours! I don't think I'll be using them, but for now, I've put them into the aluminum palette. Also have 5 dark colours (almost all forms of blacks) from Tarte that I doubt ever using, but for now, I'll keep them in a KVD palette. Maybe I can find them a good home.

Top are the dark colours from Tarte, bottom are the duplicates from Kat Von D

Do you plan on re-organizing your eye shadows so that you can share the love?


  1. How are the kat von d eyeshadows? Are they highly pigmented?

    1. They are quite pigmented! While I always use a primer because of my oily lids, the Kat Von D shadows have great pigmentation and depending on the colour, be sure not to take too much on your brush! Is there a specific palette you'd like me to swatch for you? (I don't quite have them all though)