December 02, 2012

What's Your Face Worth?

I seen this somewhere and fell in love with the idea. I'm hoping that this will be a weekly thing. I work in an office so I do try to keep my makeup a little simple, so I'll try to have a few weekend looks in there as well :)

Note: The mascara used was a sample, however if I use any samples, I'll just count the price as if I had the full thing.



  1. I love the idea of this, although I am kind of scared to add up my total!

    Your total is pretty reasonable!


    1. You may have seen it before I forgot about the mascara, haha :)

      But I agree, it was a bit of a shocker.

      It's only reasonable because I used my cheaper BB cream and only one colour on the lid. We'll see what next week's looks like.

    2. It's still not bad! I will be looking forward to next weeks look!

  2. Nice idea for a post! It's all pretty reasonable so it's surprising to see the total at the end, wow!

  3. I have mine ready to go since the beginning of fall.. ahhh why does work have to get in the way of my blogging? :P I think it's a decent total. It would shock me to find anyone say they're under $100. I'm sure many do just wear a liner and go.