August 17, 2015

Mani Mondays: Fails do happen

Due to my nails being damaged from a certain nail strip sticker, I have to give my nails a little break for the week to repair themselves a bit. So, after digging into the archives, I bring you an early attempt at stamping with a holo.

The blue I used was not a holo. It was just a shimmery blue. I decided that I wanted to try to do my stamping in two colours, the shimmery blue and the holo, over black. Well, that didn't turn out so great. I didn't like it.

So instead of redoing all my nails, I decided to re-do only 2 on each hand. I free handed the white, then re-stamped.

Personally, to this day, I still don't like how these turned out. Hence why they were never brought out, haha. But Live & Learn. Things don't always go our way and it takes lots of practice and trial & error to become good. I know I still have quite the ways to go.

Remember, all those pretty nail art gurus had to start somewhere. Do your best and never give up!


  1. Great idea! I give up so easily with my nails and end up just taking everything off, lol this is a good way to save some of the work!


  2. Haha I'm the WORST at doing my nails - which is why if I'm doing them on my own I stick to neutral colours or even just base coat alone so you can't see my mistakes :P

  3. Oh fails most certainly do happen, I don't even bother photographing them but maybe I should for a post!

  4. I love that you did a fails post! That's fantastic!

  5. I love the idea of showing nail-fails, oh man, I have so many!