August 29, 2015

Kat Von D Haul

If you haven't been to your local Winners, you should probably go before it's too late. Kat Von D items are showing up all over the runway stores at prices that can't be beat.

While I picked up these lovely pieces (all untouched!), they had a couple bronzers, eyeshadow trios, eyeshadow quads and of course some lipsticks.

The brushes were probably the most "expensive" of the KVD items that I've seen, coming in at $19.99, which is a steal! It's like $4 per brush plus a free case. The brushes are super soft and worth more than $4. The sticker says "compared to $55", but I do believe the brushes were being sold for $55 USD originally, so it was probably about $60 CAD. In reality, based on the quality of these brushes, they'd probably retail for about $20 - $30+ each.

Kat Von D Brushes

Kat Von D Chrysalis

Kat Von D Ladybird

Additional photos and swatches to come!


  1. Sam , I'm so green with envy that you found the Chrysalis palette! I went searching today, but to no avail :( But I'll feel better when I see you make some beautiful looks with it.

    1. I've recruited a friend to see if she can find one in her town for you :)

  2. Oh man, I'm not after the Chrysalis palette (I'd like the Monarch one) but what's that other palette there? Ladybird? That looks GORGEOUS!

    1. I'd love Monarch as well, but I haven't seen it anywhere.
      It IS Ladybird! I debated about getting is so bad when it came out but couldn't do it. But at $15! Darn right that was coming home with me! They're all matte except that blackish colour

  3. SCORE! I need to stop at Winners soon!