August 24, 2015

Mani Mondays: The Dragon Slayer

 I don't have any fancy nail art to show you this week. Instead, I wanted to show you this amazing colour that I've finally got my hands on!

Saint George by A England from The Legend collection.

A England Saint George
Natural light, inside

For those of you who are not familiar with the legend of Saint George and the Dragon, here's the Cliffsnotes version:
- Kingdom is plagued by a dragon
- They must give a sacrifice to the dragon to have a day's peace
- The King's daughter is one day chosen to be the sacrifice
- Princess is tied to a tree, brave yet scared
- Passing nearby, knighted Saint George sees this and slays dragon
- Peace is restored to the kingdom

A England Saint George
Other versions say something about Saint George converting the city to Christianity, etc. But since I'm not a religious person, I just like the dragon slayer version.

A England's Saint George is a gorgeous holographic dark teal. This polish unleashes its true power in direct sunlight. The richness and depth of the teal is suited for royalty. I can just stare at it all day!

A England Saint George
Natural light inside, Outside

The amazing thing about this polish: it's fully opaque in 1 coat.

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  1. a england makes amazing polishes and this one is no exception. What a beauty!