August 11, 2015

Mani Monday: OMG Nail Strips

I realized that my Mani Monday post didn't go up as planned. Sorry guys! Here it is...

I have a quick mani for you today. Well, I actually cheated. Every once in a while, you need something quick and easy that'll look good. Luckily, I had some nail nail polish stripes that were sent to me that I hadn't used yet.

These are "Black Peppermint" from OMG Nail Strips. It's a slightly mismatched set, but it's cute and it works together. A set contains 14 nail strips for you get to choose from, based on the size of your nail. Each set is $7.99 USD. They offer over 100 patterns to choose from, however I feel like they're aiming for a younger crowd (lots of leopard print, cutesy cartoons, etc)

I still needed to trim the sides a bit, which was a little annoying as I wanted quick & easy! However, once they were trimmed, I cut off the long excess piece (my nails are short) then in a downward motion, used my emery board to trim the remainder of the nail polish strip to size.

Once done, I used the essence Gel-Look Plumping Top Coat over the strips and the tips to seal everything.

I noticed a little wear at the tip of a couple nails on the morning of day two. So disappointing. I'll post an update to advise how long they lasted for! Until I know exactly how long these will last me for, the price is a little high.

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