April 14, 2013

Slightly Broken No-Buy Haul

I've been feeling pretty crappy lately. Not sick, just, down. Unsure why. But hopefully my time off from work starting mid-week this week will make it all go away. That and of course these goodies...

So I slipped. I was so good the first time around, but on this no-buy, I slipped. Not even my own stash could help me :( I'm going to blame Sephora for all this. They sent that VIB email with the 15% off and free tote for VIB's and I caved.

Of everything that I bought, Sephora I used store credit (so not too bad), the Quo Brush Cleaner I needed, so the only thing I really feel guilty about is the blush from Lancome. I walked through The Bay to get to Sephora and they were having a GWP! I just couldn't help it.

Purchased Quo Brush Cleaner, Lancôme Blush Subtil in Miel Glacé and a Sephora Nail Buffer
I also got two surprises in the mail on the same day! One was expected, the other was a complete surprise!
Ipsy Came in!

Revlon Selects package - Great Surprise
 As I mentioned, there was a free tote that contained 8 samples from Sephora and a GWP from Lancôme.

Nail Buffer was purchased. I got 7 foil samples (shampoo+conditioner = 2), and the perfume sample. Plus my Sephora is awesome and threw in some extra goodies: MUFE Mascara, Smashbox Under Eye Primer & Luminizer Primer and Laura Merier
Blush on the left was purchased.
Here's all the free stuff:

Did not include Ipsy as it is a paid subcription
And here's everything that I got!

Hopefully with the upcomming time off I'll be able to do a few reviews for you. Let me know what you're interested in!



  1. Nice you got a ton of freebies! Just curious how much was the lancome blush?

    1. I believe the blush came up to about $42 after taxes. It's the most I've spend on blush, but I've had my eyes on it since about October :)

  2. would love to see a review for the buffer, i've heard good things on youtube!

    1. I'll do my best to put up a review about it. Nails aren't my strong point :)

  3. I heard the nail buffer is really good, I want one! :)

    1. It is very nice! I got one for Christmas two years ago and loved it since!