April 07, 2013

GlamGlow: Mud has never felt so good

I was first introduced to this product at the Glossybox Toronto Party and from the moment the rep applied it to my hand, it was love. Seriously.

What is it?
"Designed as a 10-minute professional "facial in a jar" for behind-the-scenes use in Hollywood's Entertainment, Music, Fashion & Award industries for men & women. Groundbreaking patent pending TEOXIE is GlamGlow's proprietary time-release technology for instant camera-ready glowing skin."
The smell is, to me, heavenly. It smells like Green Tea and I couldn't stop sniffing my hand. Within 10 minutes, it dried up and was then rinsed away. But not before applying a bit of water and then rubbing it around to use as an exfoliator! It actually has pieces of green tea leaves that are used to exfoliate. Of course, you can just rinse off if you don't want to exfoliate. My hand felt smoother instantly. I couldn't wait to try it on my face!

We were lucky enough to receive a full size jar in our swag bag.

When you open the box, the side tabs say "Hello Sexy" - a nice small added touch. There is a pamphlet in the box that explains some of the ingredients. They want to promote healthy glowing, sexy skin, and the only image that would depict this is in this pamphlet: a picture of a male's face close to a woman's face. It's sexy without being overdone. I wont go explaining the ingredients because I suck at that, so here are some photos to help :)

I applied the mud to my face using a brush (your fingers work fine as well) then relaxed for 10 minutes while it dried up. Many people have experienced the tingly sensation, and I've heard that some people almost couldn't stand it. While I cannot comment on the sensitivity of their skin, I can tell you that my skin is not sensitive at all and I barely felt the tingle sensation. To me it was more of a cooling sensation with a hint of tingle. It was refreshing.

Then came time to rinse it off. I decided that I wanted to exfoliate so I added my water, gently scrubbed in a circular motion and continued adding more water and scrubbed and rinsed.

The outcome:  I honestly cannot explain to you how soft my face feels. I don't have kids and I've never touched a baby's bottom, but I can just imagine that this is how soft it feels. It didn't leave me dry (not exactly moisturized either) but clean, soft, sexy. I didn't even want to put moisturizer on before bed. My face stayed like that the next day as well.

Found at Sephora on through the GlamGlow website, it does come a little pricy at $69 for a jar of 50g (1.7oz). They also have a 237g tube for $279.

I'm curious about the GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment as it apparently is supposed to help with extracting the yuckies :) The only thing, it's $69 for 34g of product.

They do offer on their website 4 samples packets (2 of each) for $11.99, so maybe I'll see about testing it first.

I honestly can't say that I've tried many mud masks (most I've used are clay), but this stuff truly is amazing. Right now it'll be used for special occasions or if my skin needs a good clean. I will be on the look out for something comparable that's hopefully much less expensive. But, if I can't find anything, then you bet I'll buy this again!




  1. Ooooo thank you for the review! It makes me want to try it even more now ... And now that I know they have a cheaper way to try I will pick it up!

  2. I love this stuff. I got a sample jar in a Glymm box last year and ended up buying a full size. The tightening results usually last 24-48 hours for me so I save it to use before a special night out. It really does make my skin look and feel ten years younger. Great product.