April 02, 2013

Maybelline Color Whispers

I've seen talk about this product online and I immediately knew that I had to try it. At first, only one was purchased, then quickly a second and third were added. Still quite a few that will be jumping into the shopping cart I'm sure.

So, what is it that I'm absolutely loving right now? The new Maybelline Color Whispers by Color Sensational.

What is it? "Truly translucent gel-color with pure color pigments suspended in a weightless gel."

And it really is like a weightless gel. Once applied, it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything. It offers a nice variety of colours and the colours do show. It has great pigmentation but doesn't feel cakey. They don't dry out my lips either. I really do love these!

Rose of Attraction, Lust for Blush and Berry Ready

The first shade I picked up was Lust for Blush and I do think that it is my favorite one so far. Next  were Rose of Attraction and Berry Ready.  They didn't really have testers at the store I went to (people just tested what was there as they're not sealed) so I went with my gut.

Rose of Attraction, Lust for Blush and Berry Ready
Rose of Attraction is a nice light pink that has tiny silver particles.
Lust for Blush is a nude blush colour that I absolutely adore!
Berry Ready was a lot brighter than I was expecting. I was thinking more along the lines of burgundy, but what I got was more magenta-y.

Rose of Attraction, Lust for Blush and Berry Ready

Have you picked any of these up? Are you planning on it?




  1. Love Berry Ready, I have been waiting for this line to go on sale so I can pick up a few colors!!!

    1. I saw them on sale at Rexall (20% off all maybelline) ;)

  2. I have lust for blush too! I love the colour but it doesnt look the greatest on my lips :< I think it kind of dried mine out. Ive been waiting for a sale too so I can try a different colour :P Now Im thinking about berry ready!

  3. both so pretty! they look way more pigmented than i expected!

  4. gorgeous lips and gorgeous colors :) i especially love Lust for Blush and Berry Ready on you ! i haven't really looked twice at this collection since i fell in love with the Vivids but i think i just might have to check it out now!