April 10, 2013

Alternative to crappy shaving creams

In case you haven't seen my March Empties post, I now refuse to purchase shaving cream. It's twice in a row that I purchase them and within a week or two they stop dispensing. The can's still heavy and I know there's still some in it, but it just wont dispense! Very annoying.
image from: L'Occitane en Provence

I hadn't done any research for alternatives yet, but I had gone into L'Occitane en Provence to pick up a hand cream and the lovely sales lady was showing me different items. One of them being the Almond Shower Oil. I was really skeptical about using an oil to clean yourself, but then she told me that it's great for shaving as well. My ears instantly perked up and we walked over to the sink where I could try it on my hands.

I find the smell light, sweet and almond-y. It's not a perfum-y smell at all. On dry hands, it stayed more like a slightly thick oil, add water, and it lathered/soaped up a bit. Rinsed away and my hands felt smooth with no trace of greasiness. That's when I decided to buy it.

I don't plan on using this as a cleanser, but I've shaved my legs multiple times with this and love it. WOW! I've used it while in the shower when I'm fully wet so it soaped up and it worked great. I've also used it after a shower, but fully dry and I got the same amazing results (rinsed off after of course!). Both ways I got a nice, clean shave and my legs felt super smooth afterwards. Usually my legs get a little bumpy and need moisturizer afterwards, but not with the Almost Shower Oil.

The only downfall (and to me, this is something really small), is that because it's a little thick compared to a cream, it takes a little more to rinse your razor.

This stuff is so nice, that even my boyfriend used it while shaving is face. He's recently gotten into using a straight blade and didn't like the oil that it came in a kit that I bought him so tried the Almost Shower Oil. He'll put it on his face then put on the cream/soap that he uses with his brush and he said that it's just glides that much better - that it didn't catch or pull his skin while shaving.

So what's the damage? It's $24 for 250ml and $34 for the 500ml refill. Not sure if you'll like it? They also have a 75ml travel size for $10.

A little goes a long way and when you factor in the fact that I've had two cans of shaving cream that both crapped out before the end, this is well worth it. 

This is definately going to be a re-purchase for me!



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  1. Ooh Id love to try this! I only shave the bikini area and wax eevrywhere else, and I used to use orgnx hair treatment instead of shaving cream lol!