February 07, 2013

Men & Your Lips - Valentine's Day Lips Preferences

I heard part of this on the radio the other day so I had to hunt it down and share it with you.

There seems to be lots of smooching this time of year, and since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, women are trying to get the perfect lips. Here are some stats from a Lavalife/Revlon poll.

66% of men think that well made-up lips are important    - 72% of women think that this is important
76% of men prefer red                                                   - 64% of women prefer red
23% of men prefer pink

Matte vs Glossy

50% of men prefer glossy                                              - 61% of women prefer glossy
49% of men prefer matte

Other Randoms

77% of men think a message written in lipstick in the bathroom mirror helps set the mood meanwhile only 69% of women thing the same

57% of men thing your lipstick should match your nail polish and a whole 32% of women think it should match

Last, but not least, 54% of men would be OK if you accidently smeared lipstick on their shirt collar - they take it as a sign of a good date.

Here are my top 10

Will you be rocking the Red or Pink lips this Valentine's Day?




  1. interesting....I didn't know guys liked glossy..wouldn't a kiss be.. really sticky? haha... :) I'll be rocking a pink pout :)

    1. Thankfully, not all glosses are sticky.. however not all guys are willing to try that out :)

  2. Haha, I thought the same thing, Steph. My boyfriend won't come near my lips when I'm glossy. It's all forehead and air kisses.

    Fun read, though! Thanks for sharing, Samantha. :)

    1. My bf's the same. Even with certain chapsticks he wont kiss me. Forehead & cheeks only. Glad you enjoyed!

  3. that's funny. i once asked about lipstick messages, and all the guys i asked said "YOU KNOW I HAVE TO CLEAN THAT AFTER RIGHT???" hahh.. thought that was funny.. i can't wear red lipstick .. or red nails so that's out of the question..
    Wonder what would happen if i came wearing purple lipstick to match my nails? ;)

    1. HAHAHA that is awesome! Purple could be fun. Worse comes to worse, nude lips & nude tips!

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  5. I never thought that my nails and lips should match, too much time and work. Hahaa, I HATE glossy! Yuck. I can't believe men would vote for that, its so sticky.

    1. I know! I asked my bf about matte vs glossy and he just looked at me, slightly confused. So I said "you know, just like car paint... but on lips" He's never noticed the difference if I wear one or the other! haha.

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