February 25, 2013

Macadamia Natural Oil - Flawless

My normal hair routine usually consists of shampoo & conditioner, and a frizz control oil/serum. If it's right before work, I don't have time to blow dry my hair  so I'll through some curling product (lotion or mousse) and let it air dry.

There isn't much volume going on with my hair, it's thick and slightly frizzy.

So something that is marketed as a 6-in-1 is bound to get my attention! Let's face it, we all wish there was more time to do at least one thing in our day. For me, it's my hair, especially if I don't take a shower the night before and have to do it before getting ready for work.

The Macadamia Natural Oil Flawless is a 6-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner. A cleansing conditioner is exactly what it sounds like: a conditioner that cleanses. No need for harmful shampoos, and like most cleansing conditioners out there, it doesn't contain surfactants or parabens. I've been told that this is the ideal method of cleansing your hair for those with curly hair.

6-in-1 claims

- Cleanses
- Conditions
- Reduces blow drying time
- Detangles
- Enhances volume
- Eliminates frizz

Is there anything more that we could want in one product? Didn't think so. I've tried this product for about 3 weeks and here are my thoughts:

- Dispenses the same way as regular shaving cream. It gets a little foamy (you can see a little bit of bubbles), but rubs to be more like a conditioner.

- Very light fresh smell. Reminds me of what they use at the salon. (I'm horrible with scents) 

- I only used it every second/third wash

- Because I'm used to products that lather, it took me a few tries to get the proper amount in my hair. At first I used too much. My trick is to comb it through.

- Cleanses & Conditions:  Normally after washing & conditioning my hair, while still wet, I can feel the difference. With this, not so much. My hair felt the same way as when I first wet it. Once dried, you can tell that it was washed.

- Reduces blow drying time: I timed myself on several occasions. On average, it would take me 13 minutes to fully blow dry using Flawless. Regular washes took me about 15 minutes to blow dry.

- Detangles: I usually always comb my hair before entering the shower and I always end up with a knot or two afterwards. For the sake of experimenting, I didn't comb my hair at all before (and the first time, there was no comb in the shower). I combed my hair after using Flawless and there was no snags or knots.

- Enhances Volume: Didn't do anything for my hair. My hair was still on the flat side.

- Eliminates frizz: Gave me the same result as when I use an oil/serum so it obviously works!

So those are my thoughts on the individual claims. All together was a little different story. I do believe that they have something to combat the frizz - maybe their oil treatment - mixed into it. So even though my hair felt cleaner than it was prior to washing, it did have a bit of a oily feel (more than when I apply my oil/serum). Because of this, my hair wasn't quite as soft. A major downside is that the very next day I had to wash my hair. While it didn't look too bad, my hair felt very oily/greasy the next day. I normally wash my hair only every second day.

The biggest downfall to this product is the price: $33USD for 250ml.  I suppose when you calculate the individual price of the items that I use regularly it's probably close to the same (but I'd probably have to re-buy the regular items less often)

So overall, it's a short term fix for managing time. I'll continue my search for finding a faster way for my hair routine, but in the meantime, I would not purchase this in the future.



*This product was sent to me for review. You can view my disclosure policy here.

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