December 08, 2012

Glossy Party Toronto

GlossyBox was putting on an event that they called "Get Holiday Ready with Glossybox". It took place at the Marc Anthony Salon in Toronto and I was lucky enough to get invited by the wonderful Ashley (Romanian Butterfly) to this awesome event. Ashley's "entourage" consisted of CarlyJean, Joy, Jessica and myself (and a special appearance by her mom - she was super sweet!)

Before loading you with pictures, here's a little about the event:

- At this party, they were honouring Ashley as their first GLOSSYGold Ambassador. She has referred many people to GlossyBox and her word-of-mouth has spread far & wide. For being a GlossyGold Ambassador, she received a special box...
- They had a nail bar, beauty bar, braid/bun bar and a candy bar
- There were approximately 10 different brands with their reps that we were able to test out and talk to (including OPI, GlamGlow, Annabelle, MaskerAide, Beauty So Clean and Vitabath)
- Photo booth
- Lots of bloggers & vloggers (some I recognized, some I didn't)
- Yes, their were gift bags.... 

What is Glossy Box?
"GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription service that is revolutionizing beauty regimes across the world. For $21 a month, members enjoy a sophisticated box packes with a selection of deluxe and full-size beauty products, delivered directly to their doorstep. GlossyBox is filled with high-end and boutique brands, as well as tried-tested and true favorites. GlossyBox customizes their beauty box by inviting members to create an online beauty profile."

Now onto the pictures!

Upon walking in, you see the picture of Ashley :)
Me,  trying to look chic
Elin Bianco - Their products smell like baby powder.

Jouviance - The face of this company is Véronique Cloutier and apparently she approached the company, not the other way around (or so the woman says)
Mmmmm Candy Bar

Masker Aide - Spoke with Karyn who shared a little about a product that they're in the process of making. I wont say much other than I really hope it comes out soon!

Beauty So Clean - Didn't get a full picture of all their stuff
Annabelle - Love the colours!
Beauty Bar featuring NYX
Ashley, Joy, Me & CarlyJean  --  Joy & Me

Nail Bar! Nicole by OPI - showing off the new Selena Gomez and It's all About the Color collections

Past and Current (well, November's) Glossy Boxes

The view from upstairs - you can see Masker Aide, Beauty So Clean & the GlossyBox Photo Booth  (this was before it got packed!)
Lisa Kisber presenting Ashley with the Gold GlossyBox

Andrew Tischler, Lisa Kisbler, Ashley and Jillian Tracey Zrihen. If you want to see what's inside of Ashley's gold box, go visit her blog here

Gift bags and their guardian :)

Just the stuff I got from walking around
- Masker Aide Mask: $4.99
- Elin Bianco Treatment Serum: $60
- Vitabath Hand Cream: $5
- Vitabath lotion x2: $3.43 x2

Approximate total retail value: $76.85

With our gift bags, we each received the Holiday GlossyBox (November's box)
I wont go into details about this box as I'm planning a separate post about it, but I figured the approximate retail value to be $44.20

Contents of the Gift bag!

Everything that was in the gift bag
Contents (everything is full sized except 1 item... and I just noticed that I completely forgot to photograph a sample size item as well!) (just got back from SDM where I verified the pricing on some of the items)

- GlamGlow mud mask : $69
- Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Complex: $38
- Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask: $15
- Curel Foot Therapy: $4.50
- Jouviance First Defence Antioxidant Emulsion: $62
- Vitabath Gelée: $18
- Oil of Morocco: $10.99
- Marcelle Oil Free Makeup Remover Lotion: $13.50
- Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips: approx $11.99
- Masker Aide facial mask: $4.99
- Nicole by OPI: $10.99
- Beauty So Clean Brush Cleansers: $10 (for both)
- Skin for Life Sol Defense (sample, 10ml): approx $6.79
- Model Lip Co. :$49.99
- Annabelle Twist Up Retractable Lipstick Crayon: $10.99
- Annabelle EyeInk: $9.95
- Jergens Ultra Care: approx $1.77
- Elin Bianco Treatment mask (sample size): $ ????

Approximate Retail Value of the Gift Bag: $348.63

Everything all together (incl. GlossyBox content), with only 1 of the two samples of the Elin Bianco Treatment Mask (small pink jar in front of curel)

Total approximate retail value of everything combined: $471.17.

Since I'm on a No-Buy, this is quite awesome! I get to try lots of products, most of which I've never tried before! I'm really REALLY looking forward to trying several of these products (GlamGlow, I'm looking at you!) and you can be sure that their will be reviews about most of them.

I had a great time and would like to once again thank Ashley!  I'm looking forward to seeing the three of you again sometime soon!

PS - If you're thinking of  subscribing to GlossyBox, use coupon code GLOSSY10 to receive 10% off your very first GlossyBox!

Anything you're curious about or that you'd like me to review? Let me know!



  1. Wonderful event !
    Yes, I am curious about ~~~
    Are the blogger having any reward for advertising widely a company ? Like Ashley, the blogger takes lot of time doing their blog. I think the successful blogger should get paid to write article (advertising and publicity)... they deserved. I know some bloggers in Asia they truly get a cheque, just like working on a company, not just some products rewarding.

    1. You're right: Bloggers & Vloggers put lots of time & effort into their blogs. However, while I do not speak for everyone out there, I know Ashley & myself do not accept payment for what we do. Both of our blogs (and many others out there) have a Disclosure policy on our blogs/vlogs. We may accept product samples or event tickets (etc), however no cash and we do not allow these items to influence what we write. If I don't like something, I will let everyone know - even if I got it for free. We all try to be honest.

      Take Care!

  2. wowwwwwww looks like a lot of fun! that's so awesome that Ashley invited you. i wish there were events like this in Calgary!
    by the way, nice pictures - you look great :)
    and sooooo many goodies!

    i noticed that when Lisa Kisbler is handing that huge box to Ashley, she's still holding on her iphone. we need more dresses with pockets! haha

    1. Awe, Thanks Helen! The event was loads of fun!

      I'm actually surprised that her dress didn't have pockets. It was such a cute dress that she pulled off perfectly too!

  3. Awesome post Sam! So glad I could share the night with you all!

    I didn't realize but some of the goodies in the gift bags are different cool! Look forward to many great reviews ;)


  4. Yahhhh!!!! I'm so giddy and jealous at the same time lol. Glad you had fun..>I would have LOVED to go!!! Maybe in the future!