December 26, 2012

November GlossyBox

I'm sorry for the delay on posts! I had a few posts ready, just needed to add the pictures but being away for the holidays complicated things. The laptop didn't want to log into ANYTHING! Blogger, Facebook, Hotmail, nothing! So I had to wait until today to post them.  I'm sorry!  (Be sure to scroll to the bottom for "behind the scenes" pictures) 

I'll be honest, I've been contemplating GlossyBox for a while now. Lucky for me, upon leaving the GlossyBox Toronto Party, I was given a box! I got to experience the box, and I was happy that I did.

Upon opening the box, I discovered their Glossy Mag. I believe this was the first edition of this mini-magazine. It offers some tips, trends, and a mini-interview with a blogger.
Then once I opened up the lovely pink box, I noticed the cute white and red holiday wrapper and ribbon. Very nice touch for this time of year (and my cat appreciated the ribbon, hehe)

In it were the following items.

Kryolan for GlossyBox in Rosewood - $16.73
 I'm most excited about the blush. It's a gorgeous light pink, perfect for winter! Well pigmented and soft. Applies great!

Curel Hand & Cuticle Cream - $3.99
 I have so many hand creams, but I don't think any of them mention anything about cuticles. We'll see if this makes a difference.

Clear Scap & Hair Therapy - approx $1.49
 The product I'm probably least excited about. Better than those little packet samples. I guess it'll be good whenever I spend the night somewhere.

Vitabath Hand Cream - $5
 I got to try this at the party and loved it! It's even better that I got my favorite scent, Fresh, which I already have :)

Maybelline MNY My Gloss - $7.49
 The MNY line is currently only available in France, Germany, Norway and Sweden, so it's pretty cool that we got this. The colour is nice and it smells like a berry of some sort. A quick test showed that it wasn't sticky and that it was slightly moisturizing.Visit MNY

Nicole by OPI - Keeping up with Santa - $10.99
 I wasn't too sure about this colour at first (it just looks like other red I own), but once I tried it, I love it!
Uber Loyalty Card
50% off hair, face and body products. They don't have many options to choose from. Not sure if I'll be using this anytime soon.

I got two hand creams, which I could understand why some people would be disappointed/angry about it, but I'll be honest, the Vitabath hand cream in Fresh is awesome!  I got to try it at the party and fell in love with the scent. They didn't have many of the fresh so me & my friend each grabbed one.  Apparently they only had like 5-10 and everyone wanted it!

The total estimated value is: $45.69 + $20 (the value of the Uber Card) = $65.69

So overall, I'm quite please with this box. I decided to purchase the December box to give it a try. I've been disappointed with Topbox lately, so this may replace it... we'll see.

And now, a few pictures of the complications that can happen while trying to take product pictures....

Hmm.. Odd looking shadow

Someone was being a big suck and wanted to be the center of attention

What do you think of November's box? Would you sub to Glossybox?