December 13, 2012

TRESemme does it right

I just wanted to mention a quick something about hair product companies.

Ever notice that they'll make a claim like "after 3 uses, your hair will be visibly smoother" (or something like that,), but they'll only send you a sample enough for 1 use?  It's so annoying!

Well, TREsemmé got it right.
"This light, moisturizing formula gently cleanses and strengthens to keep hair healthy looking and manageable. When used regularly with Split Remedy conditioner, it reduces split ends by up to 80% in just three uses.* Hair is left looking soft, smooth and salon-fresh longer.  *with continued use of shampoo and conditioner or other products in the Split Remedy line"

They sent samples that contained 3 of each, shampoo and conditioner!

Thank you TRESemmé for doing it right!


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