September 30, 2015

Scent Memory with Demeter and Mr. Bubble

It's amazing how the brain works.

Without knowing it, your brain stores different memories, often tied to a specific scent. Maybe a specific cologne reminds you of your first date, or the smell of fresh baked cookies will bring back memories of Sunday baking sessions with your grandmother.

Demeter Fragrance has been able to capture different scents and bottle them up, ready to be released at any moment to spruce up your day (and your smell).

Demeter Mr. Bubbles

What they have been able to bottle up is quite spectacular. From Thunderstorms to Clean Skin, Demeter has the equivalent of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Jelly Bean (just much more appealing than earwax!)

As part of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Network, I had the opportunity to worth with Demeter and sample their Mr. Bubble Cologne Spray.

I think we've all had Mr. Bubble bubble bath growing up, and the Demeter Mr. Bubble's smells just like I remembered.

Being the older of two children, I took my bath after my younger brother since I went to bed later than him. I remember once having to bring something to my mom while she was supervising my brother in the tub and I threw a bit of a fit because he was playing with an empty bottle of Mr. Bubble bubble bath. He finished my bottle! After a few minutes of my mom saying that it's not just for me, she told me there was another bottle and that I would be the first one to use the new bottle. That made me happy.  Ahhh... to be young again!

Demeter Mr. Bubbles

While the Demeter Fragrance Library's scents are referred to as Cologne Sprays, they can also be used as as a room spray to freshen up any space. The smell doesn't last very long, maybe an hour, but it's enough to make you reminisce about the good ol' days.

The Demeter Fragrance Mr. Bubble is available in 1oz ($20) or 4oz ($39.50). Demeter is available online and offers other home scent solutions.

*Product was sent for review. All opinions are my own

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