September 22, 2015

Mani Monday: Jelly Purple flowers

I'm so sorry I'm late with this! Between work, going to the US and other things, I feel like I haven't had the time to relax.

I seen this beautiful nail art by Yagala on Instagram and thought it was simple enough to replicate. Boy, was I wrong!

I decided to do this only on my accent nails. Otherwise, it would have looked like a mess, I'm sure.


Julep - Gayle (non-accent nails)
OPI Sheer Tints - Don't Violet Me Down
essence Gel Nail Polish - Wild White Ways
Dotting tool
Liner brush

While I'm sure part of the reason it doesn't look anywhere as good as Yagala's is the brush, she just has beautiful long nails and flawless skills.

I enjoyed working with the OPI Sheer Tint, which is a jelly polish. I'll have to experiment with making jelly sandwiches.

With enough practice and a better brush, I'll get this one!

Have you ever tried replicating someone's nail art? Were you successful?


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  2. I love the colours! Recreating someone else's nail art can be tough, huh? I've tried it before and I guess it was successful in the sense that I did it to the best of my skills. :-)
    I have a few sheer polishes, I need to try something like this, I love the result!