September 12, 2015

Review: Vo Bath & Co + Oil Based Makeup Remover

Back in July, various members of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers  talked about their favourite Canadian brands here and here, and also talked about their favourite Canadian Indie brand.

I'm sorry, I've been holding out. 

Allow me to introduce you to Vo Bath & Co.

Vo Bath & Co is a local bath and skin company. Located in Toronto, Vo Bath & Co. is dedicated to using nothing but the finest ingredients that actually have a positive impact on your skin. Products don't just smell good. They offer benefits.

While there currently isn't a vast amount of products (7 bars of soap, 2 body scrubs and 1 face scrub), Diana, the owner, is constantly researching and experimenting with ingredients to bring you nothing but the best. Ingredients are natural and organic, with no preservatives or emulsifiers. Where possible, ingredients are even purchased at a local farmer's market. Products have to be good enough to be used on herself or her family in order to make it to her website for purchase.

When I first met Diana a few months ago, I had the opportunity to test out a product that hasn't yet been released: an oil based makeup remover. This makeup remover, now called Panda Eyes (at time of posting), contains oils infused with Calendula.

If you Google Calendula, you'll learn that it's a flower, pot marigold. This flower has been used over the centuries for various food recipes and ailments. In its various forms, it is said to be an anti-inflammatory as well as assist with the treatment of acne and sooth irritated skin.

The Vo Bath & Co. Makeup Remover is safe to use on your face and on your eyelids. Along with the added benefits, oils are able to breakdown makeup and sunscreen better than regular makeup removers.

Yes. You read that correctly. Sunscreen. Sunscreen (specially when applied multiple times throughout the day), contains thicker ingredients, such as Zinc and Titanium Dioxide, that form a barrier over your skin. This barrier keeps the rays out, but also keep the skin's oil and dirt in, resulting in clogged pores and break outs. You may be thinking to yourself that you wash your face afterwards, so no biggy, right? Wrong.

Most sunscreens contain oils (unless marked oil-free). Take a minute and think back to the day in your grade-school science class where you had to mix water and oil together. It didnt work, it just separated. Same thing happens when you use a regular makeup remover and cleanser to try to remove sunscreen (or the oils from your skin). The oils from the sunscreen (and your skin), are left behind to continue trapping dirt and oil.

So while the Vo Bath & Co Makeup Remover is great at removing tough-to-remove makeup (such as my holy grail eye liner by Kat Von D), it's also great to use on the rest of your face. To remove mascara, gently rub your lashes between the makeup remover oil on your fingers and remove with a cotton pad.

While gently enough to be used on the eyes, I do suggest to do your best to avoid getting it in your eyes.

As I mentioned previously, Diana is full of great ideas and constantly whipping up a new soap, scrub or some other experiment.

Keep an eye on her site and support a local company who also supports local.

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