July 13, 2015

Mani Mondays: Infinite Ombre Review + Swatches

My nails have taken a beating with the renos from the other week, so today I'll show you a mani I did back in June.

A few weeks ago, I spotted some nail art on Instagram and instantly fell in love: Infinite Ombre by Formula X. After a few days of browing through the pictures, I went out and bought the set for myself. I called it an early birthday present since it was a week early.

The set comes with a silver base coat and 4 tiny (4ml) bottles of colours, ready to be layered and swirled into eachother.

Infinite Ombre

The colours, Boundless Berry, Infinite Indigo, Timeless Teal and Limitless Lemon are not quite opaque, but really need the silver under it to bring them to life. You can also layer them on top of regular coloured nail polishes to attain a different effect, much like what I did with my nautical nails.

Infinite Ombre
The 4 colours over the silver. Looks more like 7-8 colours because of overlap

Once you let your base coat dry, you can apply your colours and you don't have to wait until they're completely dry to move onto the next. Actually, that's the beauty of it. By not waiting, you create different effects and colours that you wouldn't normally be able to create.

Infinite Ombre

The first night I tried the Infinite Ombre set, I just did whatever. There was no logic or pattern with what I was doing on my nails. Because of that, I had a few that turned our quite nice, and others that I cared for a little less. So when in doubt, do a little stamping! I really liked how my ring finger turned out.

Infinite Ombre

I then decided that it was time to try a technique that I've seen a few times: The seran wrap nails.

With this technique, you apply your base coat and let dry. Then you allow drops of different coloured nail polish to fall onto your nail and when you have a couple drippy dots, you take a piece of seran wrap and gently push it onto your nail so that the colours mix and blend together. I was hoping for a galaxy-ish effect, so I didn't use any yellow. Fail.

Infinite Ombre

Did I mention that even with some nail barrier around my nails, it was still extremely messy and difficult to do? You can't reuse seran wrap that has left over polish on it. When you think you have enough dots, you probably should have stopped 2 dots ago. Then try to do each nail, one at a time, without ruining your other fingers. Not fun.

Infinite Ombre

I am somewhat happy with the overall effect, but this is not a technique I'll be trying again. It also wastes SO much polish, when when I only have 4ml of each colour, I don't plan on wasting any!

What technique have you wanted to try?


  1. This set looks really fun!
    I haven't tried a saran wrap mani yet, but I will... eventually! :-) I've heard it done in different ways though, and what I'll try will be:
    - put a colour on your nails
    - put a drop of a different colour on table/something else, then dip the saran in the drop and then tap tap tap on nail to get a scrunchy effect.

    1. yeah, depending on the effect you're going for, you can use different methods. the dip & tap method gives, like you said, more of a scrunchy look while the seran on your finger just seems to push everything down and spread it all out, making a mess, but no scrunchy effect. I tried to use the same piece/part of seran on a new nail after I had done one nail and it was a bit of the scrunchy effect as well.

  2. This is so freaking cool! I love the colours and how they layer together so much.