July 11, 2015

I've been MIA : Bathroom Renos

You may have noticed that I've been a little MIA on social media lately. I've been extra busy for the past week due to some home renos - BUT, they're almost done.

Tired and exhausted, had to find some sort of humour when your washroom is at the nearest Tim Hortons

Oh yes, redoing a room completely and painting another room keeps two people very busy. The washroom when we moved in had plain white walls, no counter space, had these make-shift shelf attached to the vanity, a ginormous (ugly) medicine cabinet and Blue Jay blue trim. I'm serious. It didn't even have a fan! (We installed that within a couple of months). The only good thing was the tub.

The guest bedroom used to be a kid's room. And the mom loved Disney so much, that her and her father took a old-school projector and PAINTED random Disney characters all over the walls. When we bought the house, the mom actually asked me if I was going to paint over them. Um, YES! To anyone who's ever had to stay in my guest room, we're sorry that Bambi and Tarzan and Robin Hood and everyone else was staring at you while you slept.

Finally, a year later, we said goodbye to the washroom and farewell to our unwanted house guests.

At some point in the future, the guest room will be a nursery, so we opted for plain white. Gets rid of the busy walls and gives us a clean slate. I was able to take care of this room entirely on my own during the times I wasn't as needed for the washroom.

After filling in every crack and hole I could find (which I later realized I missed some), I sanded the characters and applied two coats of primer. Two full coats of paint later, I was still able to see those little buggers! I decided to apply a fanned out third coat to only the visible characters (all of them), and it worked! I can happily say that feel like I can comfortably go into that room and wont feel like eyes are watching me. 

The washroom on the other hand took much more work.

We took down walls, fixed a bit of plumbing and electrical (hello pot-lights!), removed the linoleum flooring (we didn't know what was under it, so played it safe. Stupid flooring took me over 2 hours!), put walls back up, install ceramic tile around the tub and on the floor, painted the walls, then installed new vanity, linen closet and mirror. The fixtures, like towel bar, are purchased, but not up yet.

Until it's completely done, this is the only sneak peak you get!

Unfortunately, the trim and new door wont be installed until next weekend. It's partially killing me since I want it all done now, but the man's out of town this weekend, so I'll just relax and clean up the mess that renovating causes.

Once everything is done, I'll update with more pictures!


  1. Renos are fun, but take so much time when you do it yourself (we did our basement).
    Wait, you didn't like that Disney room??? ;-) If you had a kid that loved it I can see keeping it, but other than that, why would you? And the bathroom looks like a huge improvement - I hope you'll share the end result!

    1. We gutted our basement last year. I think that's our next project. Luckily, it's something that can be done a little at a time (unlike the only washroom in the house...) I for sure plan on showing the end results! I can't wait to have this room done!

  2. Aha she asked if you were going to paint over the Disney? Bathroom (from the sneak peek) looks great!