July 16, 2015

Guest Post | Birthday Girl Bath Event

Every month members of the CBB choose to come together and write a round of themes guest posts. I am really excited to be posting on Samantha's blog today!  For more posts you can visit me at Classy On The Run.  

This month's theme is "Canadian Love", so I thought how better to share some Canadian Love than by sharing with you my new favourite bath salts.  These bath salts are hand made in small batches on at Walton Woods Family Farm, located in Bailieboro, Ontario.  If you are wondering where that is, it is just south of Peterborough near Rice Lake.  One of my close friends gave these to me as a gift for my birthday and I instantly fell in love with the fun and rustic packaging.  This gift was made all the more special because it was bought by her locally (she lives near Peterborough!).  So, a hand made, local birthday gift?  Sounds like Canadian Love to me!
Birthday Girl retails for about $26 and you can find a list of places you can purchase it at here.  Their bath salts are made from 95%-100% natural ingredients, are vegetarian friendly, and cruelty free.  I love that they come in a sturdy milk jug, that I plan to find a use for once I finish off this product!
Birthday Girl smells like a bakery when you open it: sweet, vanilla cupcakes with a hint of something more.  The salts are a mix of pink and clear.  I like to imagine that the pink ones are scented like cupcakes and the white ones like vanilla icing, but upon closer inspection they all just sort of smell like yummy sweet things.
The instructions say to pour 1/3 of a cup into the bath, so I just tossed in a bunch and decided it was about the right amount.  I found it did not really change the colour of the water, other than a slight milky tint.  However, it made my bath smell so yummy.  After I was done and got out my skin felt fresh and relaxed.  Not super silky or hydrated, but nice, fresh, and relaxed.  After that I basically crawled into bed and had a great sleep, so maybe the bath had something to do with it!
All in all, I really enjoyed this product and am looking forward to the four or five more baths I have left with it!  They say you can also use this as a body scrub (I would add some oils and honey) or as a vapour, but I think I will stick with this as a nice bath treat!  Or maybe a foot soak-- that would be nice!  I love the idea of supporting local business, and I love the way they market each product as a special event!

Some of their other bath events that I want to try include Break-Up Bath Revenge and their Sexy Hot Chocolate Bath.

Have you ever tried one of their products?  What is your favourite local bath and body shop?


  1. Oooh footsoak would be nice too!!
    I love that it was just refreshing!
    Sometimes bath products try to do/be too much, I want a relaxing, refreshing soak. Also preferably in an adorable bottle like that one!

    1. I love that this product doesn't try to be too much. Just simple, good smelling bath salts. I want to use the bottle for flowers in the future!

  2. This sounds like it smells yummy! I've never tried bath salts before. I need to start taking baths again, they're just so relaxing.