September 30, 2014

Review: I Love ...

I wont lie, I feel a bit like a grade schooler, writing "I Love...", haha. But these products deserve the name I Love...

With scents like Strawberries & Creame, Lemons & Lime and Raspberry & Blackberry, there's a smell for everyone to fall in love with.

I received the Strawberries & Cream bubble bath & shower gel and the Raspberry & Blackberry nourishing body butter from Farleyco for testing purposes, and I must say, I am in love with the Raspberry & Blackberry smell. Mmm, heaven!

The Strawberries & Cream shower gel is good. The smell isn't overpowering and it didn't leave my skin dry. What's great about the smell (for me anyways), is that it's not too strong. So while your shower smells delicious, it doesn't smell as strong on you skin afterwards.I'm not a big bath person, so I haven't tested the bubble bath aspect of it yet.

The Raspberry & Blackberry body butter is my favourite of the two (I smelled the rest of their line at Shoppers Drugmart, I can tell you it's my favourite scent of them all as well). My skin absorbs this nicely and it doesn't leave my skin oily or greasy. Perfect for the fall and winter weather when my skin starts feeling dry. The smell is also just enough for me and someone in my bubble to smell it.

I Love... can be found at Shoppers Drugmart. Along with those that I have, I've seen Lemons & Lime (my next fav), Mango & Papaya, Coconut & Cream and Blueberry Smoothie

*Items were sent for review, all opinion are my own.


  1. Raspberry & Blackberry looks great for my body !:) lovely review ...

  2. the strawberries and cream products sound lovely, i really want to smell them! x