September 09, 2014

That HURT! : A tale of waxing, featuring Skin Envy

Fall may be just around the corner, but that's no reason to let legs to stubbly. While the weather has started to get a little cooler,  we start wearing tights under dresses or shorts however we still see some great summer days, loaded with short-shorts, dresses and everything in between. Perfectly smooth legs are a no-brainer when it comes to fashion! And even though you might be wearing tights, smooth legs are a must!

Many options are available to obtain smooth, hairless skin. Shaving, waxing, epilators, threading and laser are all methods commonly used today.

Other than getting my eyebrows waxed for over 10 years, I've never ventured into waxing any other part of my body. Don't get me wrong, I hate the feeling of stubble the day after shaving and I'd love to never have to shave again, but the reality of it is, I'm just too cheap to pay someone to pour hot wax on my legs, put a cloth strip over it then yank out the hair. I'd rather save money for a more permanent solution (yes, I will get my brows done - you just don't mess with them!). So when I was given the opportunity to try Skin Envy, an at home hair removal product, I was quite happy!

I received the Skin Envy Sugar & Beeswax Strips (for legs & body) and the Smoothing Spray Lotion.

I had never tried any at-home hair removal products, so I didn't know what to expect. I read the instructions about 5 times before doing it. Before you get started:
- Make sure hair is about 2-3 mm, Check!
- Skin should be dry and free of oils, lotions or other skin care products, Check!

Everything is pretty easy. It almost seemed to go by quickly when you're doing it. Rub the strips between your hand for 10-15 seconds to warm them up, then you slowly peel them apart. Next, you apply the strip onto the area that you want to remove hair (in my case, legs) and firmly press the strip down  in the direction the hair is growing. Hold skin taut with one hand, then yank the strip off in the opposite direction of hair growth. WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED HERE? What in the world was that freakin' pain? Then I looked down at my leg, then the strip. THAT'S IT!!???  Oh dear god!

Since you can use each strips multiple times, until the wax stops being sticky, I tried it a second time, on the same spot, and not much difference. I still had the other side of the strip, so I tried my other leg, just to see if the other leg would make a difference (and to even out the pain). Nope.

How is this much hair still left after that pain!?!

Honestly, I couldn't do the rest of my legs. I can get my underarms' lasered (multiple times, but the company I went to sucked and you wouldn't know that I had it done), I can sit through a tattoo for 3 hours, but this was a whole other kinda of pain. One that I apparently I am not built for. Probably doesn't help that it's pretty much self-inflicting pain.

At this point, I take out the Moisturizing Finishing Wipe that's supposed to remove excess wax. I was expecting something similar to makeup remover wipes. Instead, I found a wipe that was more like a fiber wax baking sheet, drenched in some sort of oil.

I rubbed it over the areas that still had a little extra wax and it did help to remove most of it. But because of the texture of the wipe, it didn't feel all that great (not bad, just not soothing).

Luckily, I had the Skin Envy Smoothing Spray Lotion right beside me. This product is made with Argan Oil and Vitamin E; two great ingredients that help nourish and hydrate your skin. Vitamin E can also help repair your skin and after applying and yanking hair out of your body, you need a little repaid and nourishment.

Shake, spray, massage. That's all there is to it.

The spray comes out as a stream, looks milky and massages wonderfully. I can't detect any smells and this is not oily at all. My skin absorbed it quickly and it really did help with that burning pain of waxing.

So overall, I think I'm too much of a wimp for waxing my legs. The Smoothing Spray Lotion on the other hand, I've been using after I get my brows waxed and occasionally after a regular shave. Note: The lotion I have is for the body and they do have one specifically for the face. I spray a little amount on my fingers before applying to my brows.

You can find the mentioned products at Farleyco.ca and nailpolishcanada.com. The waxing strips can also be found at select Pharmasaves and the lotions at Walmart.

*Products received for review. All opinions are my own

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