October 04, 2014

Inglot haul review (Part One)

If you've read my previous post about my experience going into Inglot for the first time with a several lovely fellow beauty bloggers, then you can imagine how difficult it was to pick a starting point for this post!

Since I bought so many items, I thought it best to make this into a two posts. Read on to see what I purchased and some reviews. See part two here

What did I pick up?

I was so excited to take pictures, I forgot to include the blush!

Yes, I went over my budget. No, I'm not going to share what that budget was or how much I spent. I will say that because it was a blogger event, we had a little bit of a discount. Thank goodness for that! Otherwise it would have been bad!

2 x Freedom System 10-pan palettes
1 x Freedom System 2-pan palette
15 x Freedom System Eyeshadows
4 x Freedom System Lipsticks
3 x AMC Eyeliner Gel
1 x AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow
1 x Lipstick
1 x Sleeks VLC Lip Gloss
1 x AMC Cream Blush
1 x Pressed Powder
1 x Duraline

The Freedom System Palettes


The Freedom System Palettes come in singles, double, trios, quads, five, 10, 20, 40 and combos.

The palettes are made of a sturdy plastic that house magnets on the inside that hold your shadows, lipsticks, blushes, etc in place. These magnets are stronger than some other palettes I've had in the past. You don't have to worry about your products coming loose. The lid is a clear frost with Inglot written repetitively over it. The lid closes using more strong magnets. Overall, the Freedom System Palettes are simple yet sophisticated. No fancy designs or bold graphics. Just elegance.

I don't know the price of all, but the 10-pan palette is $15 and the duo is $9

Adding & Removing from your Freedom System Palette

The products for the Freedom System are all housed in plastic casings that remind me of blister packs. However, DO NOT attempt to push the item through. It wont work. Trying to peel off the back from the corners might work, but required too much effort. Best trick I used was to use a pair of scissors or an x-acto knife and pierce and trace the back side of the plastic then just peel that back. (Again, do not try to push out your product at this step.That's why my one lipstick has a bit of a dent in it)

Before putting your product in the palettes, I recommend planning how you want them first and writting down the shades (writing them is optional). Because Inglot uses numbers, it makes things difficult to remember them all. Use a label maker if you can or maybe a white marker could work? I haven't done this yet.

Then you pop them in. Couldn't be any easier.

Many people complain about the removal process. Inglot says you can use the magnets on the lid to remove the pans. While this is true, I have noticed a flaw.

The magnets on the 10-pan are smaller and recessed in, while the magnet on the duo is bigger and flush. Because of this, I was only successful with the lid for the 10-pan once out of fifteen. I was able to do it each time no problem with the duo. If you don't want to get a duo (or maybe another that has bigger magnets), you can go to the hardware store and get a good magnet. Don't try to pry it out with an x-acto knife or spatular or whatever. You risk breaking, nicking and hitting your products.

AMC Cream Blush


$15 for 5.5g
Comes in a sturdy plastic jar with screw cap

Instantly fell in love with 82, which I would best describe it as a rose pink with a hint of mauve. The colour is very pigmented, but you can easily blend it out or build it up. It's up to you. This colour looks quite natural on me and would look great for daytime or evening makeup. I also think 82 would suit several skin tones.

A little goes a long way when things are well pigmented
Applied in the morning over my BB cream (and no primer), it lasted all day and did not look greasy at all. 

82 blush, blended out
Verdict: I need more. There's nothing about this blush that I don't like.

Mattifying Pressed Powder


$20 for 5g (freedom system pan)
Can be purchased as a Freedom System pan or pre-packaged (more expensive)
Pressed powders are available in a variety of colours

I was in need of a mattifying setting powder, so I chose 301. I thought I had an empty palette at home, however after deciding to rearrange most of my makeup, turns out I don't. I've used this only once so far (due to not having a proper home for it), and it did its job. It felt silky smooth on my face and kept my makeup in place. Only at about 3/4 of the day did I need to touch up a bit - but that was only my t-zone.  I'm actually wearing it in the photo above.

Part two has all the lip & eyeshadow reviews & swatches.

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  1. that blush is amazing! i am in love with the eyeshadow swatches i have seen online, what a great haul! i wish we had inglot here :)