January 16, 2014

Trend Alert – Stacking Rings (Guest Post)

As a new year arrives we kiss goodbye to last year’s jewellery trends and welcome the wealth of new designs and styles that are set to take the world of fashion by storm. However, there is one trend that won’t be going anywhere in 2014, and this is stacked rings. This eye-catching jewellery trend burst on to the scene during autumn 2013. It is only set to pick up more momentum as fashionistas experiment further with the fun of striking stacked rings.

The diversity of this trend on the runway in the autumn jewellery collections showcased that the possibilities when stacking rings are limitless. For instance, Chanel went for an overload of white and black eternity rings; simplistic on their own but bold and daring when worn together. Dior on the other hand went for a mix of cocktail rings; creating a quirky and carefree vibe. Celebrities have fallen in love with the trend as well. With everyone from Rihanna to, to Nicole Richie, to Kristen Stewart, to the sch-mazing Nicole Scherzinger, rocking the look.

So, how do you do this trend justice? Your rings shouldn’t fight against each other. They need to complement one and other. Remember; they are being considered as one overall piece – not an array of separate rings. This doesn’t mean you can only have one bold and unique ring. It simply means you have to begin with your base layer rings i.e. plain bands. You can then build upon these as you wish. Midi rings offer a brilliant way of adding diversity to trend and they are also extremely fashionable. Moreover, why not consider adding some sparkle? This can really break up the selection you have chosen.

When it comes to stacked rings you can mix colours. Opt for gold, with silver, with rose gold. Don’t be afraid to break the rules. After all, that is what this trend is all about. However, stay away from contrasting styles. This is a slippery slope to step on. For the past few years we have always been told that mixing and matching is completely fine, and it is. But, when it comes to stacked rings you are already overloading on quantity, you don’t want to go too far by mixing feminine pearls with grungy spikes.

One of the best things to do is use a website, such as Astley Clarke, whereby you can build your rings on the site. This gives you the opportunity to mix and match the rings and consequently come up with your own stacked selection. After all, it can be quite difficult to imagine how various different rings are going to look when paired together. However, with this programme all of the hard work is done for you.
So there you have it; if you are looking for a trend with guaranteed success, stacked rings is it. This jewellery trend has already proved how fantastic it can be and thus let 2014 be the year you take it to the next level and experiment with an array of different pairings.  

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