January 07, 2014

Perfect Manicure in minutes!

Back in September I had purchased and used a set of imPRESS nails. In November, I received another set from an Influenster VoxBox (Maple VoxBox) , which reminded me that I really should post a review about the nails! The day I used the nails, I had posted a picture to Instagram here.

The nails that I received in my box were bright purple, orange and yellow with dots of various sizes, in the same colours. In my eyes, completely tacky! I was actually going to paint them, however a friend of mine seen them and loved them (possibly because of it's craziness!). So, I don't have those to review anymore.

But, like I mentioned, I did buy a set back in September and loved them! I love the look of acrylic nails, however they ruin my nails so badly. Since I was going to a wedding, I wanted to look polished, but didn't want to jeopardize my nails. So I bought the imPRESS nails in Night Fever, short length, for about $10 + tax.

The nails come in a cute "nail polish" container. I think once it's empty, I'll use it to hold some smaller nail stuff I have.

Because I was going to help out a friend who was getting ready for the same wedding and trying to take care of an almost newborn at the same time, I pre-planned my nails by sizing them and marking the peel-off portion with a sharpie (T.I.M.R.P - thumb, index, middle,ring,pinky) ahead of time. I'm happy I did this as I had to put them on while in the passenger seat of her car on our way there!

I had one nail fall off shortly after dinner (either the ring finger or pinky), but I was lucky enough to have the extras with me. Once a new one was applied, I was careful for about 30 minutes, after that, went back as if I had normal nails on. They lasted about 6 days. I do want to note that I had forgotten to bring the "prep pad" when I did my nails, so I wasn't able to remove any oils my nails may have had, so that may have affected the life of that first nail.

The nails were very natural looking as they were not excessively long and you could not see my actual nail through the fake one. There was enough tacky glue on it to accommodate slightly longer natural nails. because my nails were more on the shorter side, the glue underneath was collecting a bit of dust and lint and what not. But honestly, who looks at the underpart of your nails?

Taking them off was a piece of cake! I just applied a little bit of nail polish around the edge when it was raised a little, let it sit for a minute or so, then popped them off. The best part? My nails were not damaged at all! All I had to do was used a little nail polish remover to get rid of any excess glue and that was it.

Would I recommend these? ABSOLUTELY!

Now, while I did receive a set from Influenster for the purpose of reviewing, I purchased, and fell in love, with these before I received a second (tacky) set from Influenster. Just throwing it out there - the ones I received were so awful, you can't find them on their website, haha.




  1. I love these nails!! I've been wearing my influenster ones for a week and they are still going strong! I will be buying more of these!!