January 09, 2014

Italian Christmas Gifts (Fashion)

I don't normally post about what I received for Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing what everyone else got, but I just feel like someone might take it as boasting. While I won't show everything, I did get a few special pieces from Italy, thanks to my parents who went there in the late summer.

Here are some pieces made of Murano glass. Two necklaces and a purse holder. They are so gorgeous.

Next are two scarves made of lace, which apparently is big in Italy.

This is another scarf that I received. There are 8 colours in total, 4 on each side. This is a big scarf! It'll be perfect for spring and cool summer days. I believe it is made of satin & cotton.

As beautiful as everything, my fave item is by far this leather purse by Vera Pelle. Can be worn two ways: folded over with the long strap or fully extended with the short strap.

The interior has a separator in the middle that also holds stuff and is very spacious. And the two-toned leather? Love! Am I weird that I'm loving the smell of it right now? haha.

So there's a little look at what's going on in the world of street fashion in Italy.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!



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