January 24, 2014

Sally Hansen #CSMTKO - Complete Salon Manicure Review

Just about everyone wants to spend less time manicuring their nails. Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure definitely gives us hope for that.I was lucky enough to receive not just 1, but three beautiful colours courtesy of Influenster so that I can test & review them.

Red My Lips, Jaded, Pat on the Black
With a base coat, colour and top coat, along with strengthener, growth treatment, chip resistant and gel shin finish (that's right, 7 benefits in 1 bottle!) there's quite the amount of time that could be saved.

Unfortunately, several of these advantages are not easily seen. Strengthener and Growth Treatment can only be "seen" with continuous use. I've also learned that nothing can penetrate nail polish once it's hardened, so I'm not too sure about the Growth Treatment side of it.

Gel Shine Finish. Well, I've never had gel nails or a gel manicure, however it seemed to be just as shiny as the Essie polish I used, without top coat. So this one was a bit of a fail.

Base Coat, Top Coat and Chip Resistant, you can't quite see it, but you can test it out. And that's just what I've done.

Since the pamphlet said that the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (CSM) was the preferred polish vs. Revlon & Essie  after wearing them for 10 days, I decided I'd give it a 10 day try as well.

I applied Sally Hansen CSM in Jaded to each of my nails, leaving my ring fingers for the Essie polish. I applied only the polish and had to use 3 coats for good coverage (that was a little disappointing). On my ring fingers, I applied only the Essie polish (no base or top) and needed only 2 coat (later, looking at my pictures, I realized that I should have done 3 coats as well)

Sometime in the first 48 hours, I got a little chip in the Essie polish - It's not even a dominant finger (haha!)
Day 3 - the Essie chip has expanded a bit and I now have a chip in the Sally Hansen polish.

Day 4 - Got a nasty papercut, so I had to put on a band-aid. When I took it off several hours later, it also took off some of the Sally Hansen polish! More chips have appeared in all polishes. (no pictures)

Day 5 - I finally can't stand looking at the chips and took it all off. There was no way any of this was staying on for 10 days!

I personally think the brush is 10x better than Essie's. Because it's wider, it makes application that much easier & faster.

Coverage could have been better for Jaded., but I have since tested Red My Lips on my toes and it seems that it's just this specific colour who's coverage is a little lacking. I've also swatched all three, and it's just Jaded that's a bit of a let down. Because of how easy it is to apply it, I'll forgive the polish.
Red My Lips (2 coats), Jaded (3 coats), Pat on the Black (2 coats)
Chipping happened regardless of the polish, however it seemed to take an extra day to happen, so bonus points to Sally Hansen!

Overall thoughts:

I do believe that the polish can benefit from an added top coat to truly help with the chipping. However, if there was a Sally Hansen CSM polish and Essie polish of the same colour, I would choose Sally Hansen CSM, hands down. I love the brush, the formula is great, and the added benefits doesn't hurt either.

If you want to give Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure a try, head over to their Facebook page to receive a $2 off coupon. (not sure how long this coupon is available)



*these items were received for testing purposes from Influenster*

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  1. I got the campaign as well. it was fun to play with awesome polishes☺